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At home testosterone tests help you take matters into your own hands. If you are feeling down, maybe your testosterone levels are low.

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The Deal with at Home Testosterone Tests

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What Are Testosterone Tests?

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Testosterone (T) tests give you a quick glimpse of your T levels. These will inform you if your testosterone levels are within the normal range. And some will take your age into consideration, comparing your results to those of the same age.

At home testosterone test kits may include:

  • sample collection kit (either finger prick or saliva)
  • assessment of your results
  • suggestions based on findings
  • postage labels to send over your samples

While some companies offer an evaluation along with your results, it is still different from a doctor's diagnosis.

At Home Testosterone Tests Worth Checking Out

We chose a few testosterone test kits worth a gander if you are in the market.

We trimmed the list to companies that offer convenience, reasonable pricing, and partner with regulated and certified labs.

Definitely do your own research when choosing which kit to try out. Choose one that makes the most financial sense to you.

If you take testosterone pills and need to monitor your levels, a subscription might be ideal for you. But if you have been experiencing unusual symptoms for a while now, maybe a one-time purchase is fine.

And if you are squeamish about blood, we included at home testosterone tests that take saliva samples.


1. Progene Testosterone Test

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The Progene testosterone test is a saliva test and retails for $59.96. But they also offer a 3-month and 12-month bundle, which you may be interested in if you'll be monitoring your testosterone levels.

They test samples in CLIA-regulated and CAP-regulated labs, which use the ELISA methodology, the gold standard for immunoassays. It is a sensitive test that can detect and count substances like hormones, antigens, antibodies, proteins, and glycoproteins.

Your test will be done anonymously. When you buy a kit, it will come with a PIN that you may use later on to see your results. All the samples are barcoded so that your identity is protected even in their trusted labs.

The test kit comes with:

  • sample collection kit (4 tubes)
  • pre-addressed postage label to send in your samples
  • lab test services

If you want to learn more about their labs and processes, they explained it in detail here.

2. Lab.Me

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The Lab Me testosterone blood test costs $69. They also offer a subscription service where you receive a test every three or six months for $62 and $65, respectively.

Lab Me assures hospital-level accuracy, working only with labs that are CLIA-certified and accredited by the College of American Pathologists.

Like the Progene test, you can get your results online. But if you're not technology or internet savvy, worry not. Their website is straightforward and easy to navigate.

Lab Me sends a personalized evaluation along with the results so that you better understand the results. And based on the analysis, they may also suggest what steps to take next.

Because part of the accuracy of the test is the collection, Lab Me has a detailed instructional video on their product page. It will show you step-by-step how to use the collection kit.

And if you're the type that likes to go over the material repeatedly. they also provide infographics from the prep to the submission stage.

And for those that value speed, you can get your results two days from the day the lab receives your sample. And if your sample is compromised because of delays, the company will send you a free test kit so you can submit a new sample.

3. Everlywell

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This brand comes best-in-cost, retailing at $49 per kit.

But they don't skimp out on quality and service, working only with CLIA-certified labs that meet state and federal standards.

Their at home testosterone test measures free testosterone, the bioactive form of the hormone. For those that prefer less invasive methods, the test kit uses saliva samples.

Everlywell sends easy-to-understand data both online and via mail. And to give you a better understanding, your payment comes with a personalized report and suggestions to improve your health and wellness.

What sets Everlywell apart, aside from the value for cost, is that they are FSA/HSA accepted.

The only downside is they do not specify when you get your results. The company only mentions that you will receive your results “within days.”

4. LetsGetChecked

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LetsGetChecked offers an at home testosterone test kit for $69.

It uses a finger prick collection method, so it may not be ideal for those uncomfortable with invasive methods.

Guaranteed accuracy, the company uses CLIA-certified and CAP-approved labs used by healthcare providers and governments.

You will be notified of your results within two to five days through a secure online account. But it will only tell you your testosterone level and if you are within the normal range. If you have questions or concerns, you may contact their online nurses.

Like Everlywell, LetsGetChecked accepts HSA and FSA cards.

5. HealthConfirm

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Headquartered in San Diego, HealthConfirm offers a $99 test kit that could give you your free testosterone and total testosterone levels.

The HealthConfirm at home testosterone test is quite unique as it tests both saliva and blood samples.

Your samples will be processed in CLIA-certified labs, then evaluated by licensed physicians. You can expect your results three to five days after your lab receives your samples.

Leading the way to a healthier lifestyle, your results will come with comments from a licensed medical review officer. You could receive more information about your results and what they could mean for you.

Access these through a user-friendly and secure online portal.

Note, however, that New York and Maryland do not allow health-related testing. So these services may not be available to you.

How Low Is Low T?

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According to the American Urological Association (AUA), the clinical definition of low T is consistently less than 300 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter).

Your doctor may only diagnose you with a testosterone deficiency if at least two tests indicate that you have low T levels.

Also, note that your T levels will vary throughout the day. It may change because of factors like:

  • age
  • nutrition
  • body mass index
  • alcohol
  • medications
  • conditions/illnesses

The AUA recommends that tests be taken early in the morning to get the most accurate results. And preferably, done in the same lab with the same procedures.

But note that there are many factors that could lead to a lower testosterone level. And that includes age.

Is Low T Common in Men?

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Beginning from age 30, men lose 1% of their testosterone every year.

So it's normal for older men to have lower testosterone levels.

Around 50% of adults aged 80 years and above could have testosterone deficiency (TD). 

If you are diabetic, you may also have low T levels.

One study found that around 24.5% of diabetic patients had low T levels. A similar study found that approximately 30% of overweight subjects had a testosterone deficiency.

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What Are the Symptoms of Low T?

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Physically and mentally under the weather? They could be signs of testosterone deficiency.

Here are other signals to watch out for:

  • fatigue
  • drop in muscular strength
  • depression
  • low sense of well-being
  • having trouble concentrating
  • difficulty with memory
  • irritability and moodiness
  • erectile dysfunction
  • low sex drive
  • obesity

Some men with TD may also notice less body hair and may develop breasts (gynecomastia).

Note that symptoms like depression and poor memory are common in other conditions too. And experiencing these may not mean that you have TD.

But if you feel a combination of these symptoms along with erectile dysfunction and fatigue, it may be time to visit your doctor.

Even without symptoms of testosterone deficiency, the AUA advises urologists to test for T levels in people with:

  • male infertility
  • diabetes
  • pituitary dysfunction
  • bone density loss
  • chronic corticosteroid use
  • chronic narcotic use
  • a history of unexplained anemia
  • exposure to testicular radiation
  • exposure to chemotherapy

Can I Trust at-Home Testosterone Tests?

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Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:
Best At Home Testosterone Test

While the tests listed here are CLIA-certified, some are also CAP-accredited. And while companies provide instructions on how to test testosterone levels at home, nothing can take the place of your doctor.

Keep in mind that at home testosterone tests are just the first step. They may point to some signs of trouble. But you cannot diagnose yourself with low T based on one test.

Visit your doctor if your results show consistently low T levels. A blood test, along with other factors, may help your doctor determine if there truly is trouble brewing. But keep in mind that there are factors that could affect this, including your age.

Check out this video to improve your testosterone levels without supplements:

If you're reading this article, you are either experiencing some concerning symptoms or are very proactive when it comes to your health.

In either case, what testosterone tests do offer is peace of mind and actionable information. Taking an active role in your health could help keep you in shape and allow you to catch any possible conditions in their early stage. Just make sure to partner with your doctor along the process.

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