Why 100 Push Ups A Day Is Not For Everyone

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You might think that performing 100 push ups a day is an effective way to beef up your arms. However, the results can vary from one person to another based on their fitness level. Read on to learn the possible drawbacks before you adopt this workout in your plan.

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What Will Happen if You Do 100 Push Ups a Day | 9 Common Risks to Look Out For


1. You'll Overdo Your Chest and Triceps

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Some find it easy to complete 100 push ups a day. This workout serves as their quick muscle endurance drill.

On the other hand, if you find it tough to finish this exercise, you might be at risk of overtraining. You have to give your muscles a recovery period or schedule enough rest time. It's best to wait for at least two days so you won't overtrain your muscle fibers.

If you're a beginner in doing pushups, it's recommended that you only train 2-3 times a week. For advanced athletes, working out should be 4-6 times weekly. Allot some days off for your recovery regardless of your fitness level.

2. It Can Affect Your Health and Lifestyle

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As mentioned, you might experience overtraining if you force yourself to do 100 push ups a day. These manifestations can attack your well-being and way of life.

You might feel weak or tired consistently whether in physical, mental, or both aspects. Additionally, you might have a poor quality of sleep, and your feelings of tension or anger can grow. You won't be as enthusiastic, energetic, and motivated as before.

The occurrence of your sickness can also shoot up, as well as your blood pressure. You'll also lose your appetite which can result in weight loss.

3. You'll Reach a Fitness Plateau

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One disadvantage of doing daily pushups is that you won't challenge your body anymore at some point. This can lead to plateauing. It means that you can no longer get similar benefits from your exercises.

This occurs when your muscles have already adapted and enhanced their function. If you want to continuously improve your strength, don't do similar workouts every day.

Instead of completing 100 push ups a day, you can include a variety of routines in your fitness plan. This will help activate several muscle groups in your body. You can incorporate aerobic exercises, stretching, and balance training in your program.

4. You'll Suffer From Back Pain

Sport Young Athletic Man Having Pain | 100 Pushups a Day

Doing 100 push ups a day requires a proper form. Otherwise, injuries can happen.

Some forms of pushups alert and awaken your lower back muscles. If you don't perform these correctly, you might experience lower back discomfort.

Regular pushups can also squeeze your intervertebral joints in your spine. These joints are the points where two of your backbone sections meet. If you have existing back conditions, you should consult a doctor before doing pushups daily.

5. You'll Experience Wrist Pain

Closeup Male Arms | 100 Pushups a Day

For those who had a wrist injury, you have to see a therapist before doing pushups. They might advise other kinds of pushups such as knuckle or dolphin forms as a substitute. Aside from your hands, you can use your forearms to perform this exercise.

If you'll do 100 push ups a day, keep in mind that there's a risk of experiencing wrist pain. You'll feel this along the backside of your wrist when you bend your hand backward.

This might also lead to having a physical abnormality in your wrist. It's possible that you might either have a ganglion cyst or a ligament tear.

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6. You Can Have Elbow Injury

Man Pain Elbow | 100 Pushups a Day

Your number of pushups isn't the only factor that can cause an injury. Consider your speed as well.

How fast you perform your movement has an effect on your elbows. Remember that the faster you perform your pushups, the greater the force on your elbow joints and surrounding tissues. This increases the risk of injury in these areas.

You can do slow pushups which will result in more significant muscle activation. The more you take your time working out, the safer and likely more effective it is.

7. It Can Result in Muscle Imbalances

Cardiovascular Exercise Gym | 100 Pushups a Day

Your regular pushups can put too much tensity on your triceps, chest, and shoulders. While this can grow and strengthen your muscles, remember that your body isn't made up of these muscle groups alone.

You might be paying insufficient attention to your other body parts. All of them have to be in stability to function accordingly.

Doing only 100 push ups a day can result in muscle inconsistency between your pulling and pushing muscles. Pulling muscles refer to your biceps and back while pushing muscles are your triceps, shoulders, and chest.

Keep in mind that your muscles can pull your bones. Your chest pulls your arms forward, and your back pulls them back.

If these muscle groups are balanced, your joints get equal tension. This helps avoid injury. However, if there's unequal tension, it can lead to posture problems.

Instead of doing only pushups, incorporate a balanced routine into your program that'll cover all your muscle groups. Include cardiovascular training as well to improve your aerobic fitness level.

8. There Can Be a Psychological Risk

Tired Man Sitting on Bench Gym | 100 Pushups a Day

So you've set a goal of completing 100 push ups regularly. You've also noticed that your muscles have adapted to your workout routine, and you can see improvements in your body.

At first, you might feel motivated to keep finishing your daily pushups. However, as you progress, you might start to feel a fitness plateau not just physically but mentally as well. You'll begin to think that you don't need to do more pushups.

You can lose your motivation once you observe that your muscles aren't developing anymore. You'll think of giving up and stopping your training.

If 100 push ups a day isn't effective anymore for your current fitness level, you should start modifying your routine. Think of your goals to better plan your program. You can either increase the repetitions, add resistance to your pushups, or lessen your resting period.

9. You Might Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Young Ordinary Man Go Sport Home | 100 Pushups a Day

If you're executing improper techniques, you might not be able to finish 100 push ups.

Remember to straighten your midsection. Your whole body should form a straight line. You can do core exercises, such as planking, before heading to pushups.

Relax your neck as well. Its position shouldn't be too high nor too low as it can strain your neck. You can perform exercises for your neck muscles before making your pushups.

Additionally, don't forget to breathe. Try some yoga poses to relieve your forearm and shoulder muscles. Start slow and try different forms of pushups before attempting the traditional one.

Doing 100 push ups a day has benefits, but remember that it also has potential risks. Take note of the possible consequences, and take time to decide whether or not you should do pushups daily.

Are there other reasons why 100 push ups a day isn't ideal for all and can increase the risk of injuries? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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