5 Battle Rope Exercises Great For Cardio Workout

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This isn't your ordinary jump rope. Battle rope exercises are a burst of power and strength, a tough fat and calorie buster.

Battle ropes are two, thick, heavy pieces of woven rope perfect for high-intensity exercise and HIIT workouts. Working out with these will employ major muscle groups. You're likely to engage your arms, chest, core, shoulders, back, quads, glutes, as well as your legs.

Power up your cardio training with these conditioning battle rope exercises.

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Battle Rope Exercises That Will Help You Hit Your Fitness Goals and Muscles You've Never Worked Out Before

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1. Battle Rope Jumping Jacks

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This is a great cardio workout with movements that mimic normal jumping jacks. You'll be engaging your upper body, focused primarily on the core and shoulder muscles.

  1. Hold the battle ropes on your sides with your arms bent slightly. Position your feet hip width apart.
  2. As your feet jump outward like in a normal jumping jack, bring your arms up from the sides up over your head. Keep your arms slightly bent.
  3. When you jump back to the first position, powerfully bring the battle ropes down.

Do three to four 30-second sets with 30-second breaks in between.

2. Jumping Power Slams

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For this workout, you will need a heavy anchor. It could be anything heavy like an installation on your wall or a heavyweight kettle bell.

This tiring, high intensity will zap calories and will help you tone your body. You'll be employing explosive power as you push up the heavy ropes above your head, and slamming them down onto the floor as you squat.

  1. Stand at the end of the battle ropes, facing the anchor. Make sure you assume proper form – feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the battle ropes in your hands, holding them by your sides.
  2. Bend down to a squat with your hands holding the battle ropes by your head. Activate your core and back muscles, keeping your upper body straight throughout your reps. (Remember – never lift with your back.)
  3. Then push off with your legs and fully extend your arms upward as you stand.
  4. Bring down the battle ropes in an explosive motion as you lower into a squat. Keep your arms bent throughout the exercise.

Do three to four 30-second reps. Allow yourself to rest for 30 seconds between each rep. Do this in a pace comfortable for you, what's important is repeating explosive movements with proper form.


3. Alternating Jump Wave

man exercising at a gym | battle rope benefits

Alternating jump waves incorporate coordination, power, and all major muscle groups.

  1. Hold on to the battle ropes with a firm grip, hands positioned to your right. Stand hip width apart and bend down to a squat.
  2. Push off the ground and bring up the battle ropes with all your might so that it creates a wave.
  3. Land on a squat position with your hands and battle ropes now on your left side.
  4. Maintain your squat form, keeping your knees bent all throughout.

Do three to four 30-second sets with 30-second breaks in between.

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4. Alternating Outside Circles

woman holding exercise ropes | battle rope workout

This workout will engage your entire body and could help you improve your grip strength. You will need to power through to maintain the momentum of your circular motions. Because of the weight of battle ropes, it will be more difficult to keep them in constant motion if you can't keep up the momentum.

  1. Assume a stable stance, standing with feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. As much as possible, all movement will be isolated in your upper body but you will still be engaging your entire body to maintain your form throughout. Use your knees only as needed.
  2. Create large circles in alternating motions with your arms moving in rhythm with each other.

Do three to four 30-second sets within 30-second recovery breaks in between.

5. Battle Rope Shoulder Press

front view smiling adult muscular tattooed | battle ropes weight

This workout could be great for weightlifters as it engages the same muscle groups as lifting a barbell. And just like in weightlifting, focus on maintaining proper form rather than bringing power and intensity into your movements.

  1. Stand at the end of the ropes, feet positioned a bit wider than hip width facing the ropes. Hold the ropes at the level of your ears.
  2. Bend down to a squat.
  3. Stand back up and in the same rhythm, extend your arms above your head lifting the battle ropes like weights.
  4. As you return to a squat, bend your arms back into their original position by your ears.

Do 10-20 60-second reps with 60-second recovery breaks in between.

Are Battle Rope Exercises a Good Workout?

There may be articles circulating the web saying that battle ropes may be detrimental to your joints and health. But what will make workouts ineffective or cause injury will be improper form. If this worries you, try working out with a fitness trainer until you get the fundamentals down.

Battle rope exercises involve plenty of muscle coordination.  Muscle imbalances are quite common as we naturally favor one side, and battle rope exercises could actually help improve muscle imbalances. In fact, you may even discover with battle rope exercises. Once you eliminate imbalances, battle rope exercises may help maintain equal strength on both sides.

You'll also be activating muscles you never knew you had before. These exercises incorporate a wide range of motions, which could help you improve your mobility alongside coordination and cardiovascular endurance.

Here’s an infographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

Full Body Battle Rope Workout

Battle rope exercises are a great alternative for when your joints aren't in great condition anymore. Let your running shoes rest and power through a session with battle ropes instead. It's also a great tool to introduce to your HIIT workouts.

Cardiovascular health and explosive power meet with battle rope exercises. Start off with these five workouts and you'll never be able to put them down again.

Here are 5 great reasons why you need to train with battle ropes, make sure to watch this video:

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