7 Warning Signs A Carb Face Gives About Your Health

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What is Carb Face? Have you been noticing that your face looks more bloated than usual?

Don't worry, this happens to everyone after eating carbohydrates. When we eat sugar and simple carbs our bodies retain water which causes us to look puffy or even slightly swollen in some areas of the body where it's visible (like around cheeks), but eliminating them from one’s diet will help reduce excess fluid buildup!

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What is Carb Face?

Beautiful caucasian woman eating sushi | carb face

The most telling sign of weight gain is often found above one's shoulders–usually a rounder face. What causes these features? It turns out that it has something to do with how our body breaks down carbs (sugars).


According to Dr. Gullo, “If you've ever looked closely at a person who has put on a significant amount of weight or has binged on carbohydrates, his face often looks puffy and distended. This is what some of us who work in the field of weight management call the ‘carb face.”

Carb Face? It's not just about losing weight. Your face may be giving you a helpful hint that there might be some other problems going on in the background too!

Check out these 7 Dead Giveaways a Carb Face Gives about your health:

What Happens If You Eat Too Much Carbohydrates

Round Face

Portrait of an attractive overweight woman in studio on a white background | Carb Face

Do carbs make your face puffy? The answer is yes, and it's because eating too much carbohydrates can cause your body to hold in the extra fluid. This makes you look and feel puffy. High blood sugar and insulin can cause water retention and swell in your ankles, hands, and face. That's why type 2 diabetics often have swollen legs.

Puffy Tissues Around the Eyes

Eye bags on woman face | carb face

Puffiness under the eyes, bags under the eyes, and puffy eyes are all symptoms of a carb face. These symptoms are caused by kidney problems due to too much carbohydrates in the diet.

The first sign that something may be wrong with the kidneys is when you start to see protein in the urine. The filters on these organs allow for only certain molecules (elements) to pass through, so if they're damaged or leaking more than expected then this extra amount will end up outside of itself as well–leaking out around our eyes!


Kidneys that are severely affected by blood sugar start to back up because you are retaining too much fluid. Changing your diet can actually make it all go away. Check out these 7 Ways to Detox and Cleanse Your Kidneys Naturally.

Bloodshot Eyes

Close up of a severe bloodshot eye | carb face

Bloodshot eyes might indicate a liver problem. Bloodshot eyes may also be due to lack of sleep or vitamin B2 and B3 deficiencies. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's really a problem with your liver.

Bloodshot eyes are a sign that your liver can no longer detoxify itself. If you eat too much carbohydrates, you will have a fatty liver and you will have decreased liver function.

Bloodshot eyes may also be due to Diabetes.

When you find your eyes to be red and painful all of a sudden, it means that the blood sugar levels are elevated which could potentially lead to diabetes.

Diabetes can pose risks for eye problems too.

High blood sugar levels, coupled with high pressure in the eye can cause leaks of liquid known as vitreous which will eventually cause blindness if not treated properly.

Fatty Chin

Double chin lift | carb face

A spill-off of accumulated fat causes a fatty chin. It has far-reaching consequences, affecting not just your appearance. Sleep apnea is one such problem.  Learn the link between Sleep and Metabolism.

Do carbs cause double chin?

When you gain weight and eat foods that are high in unhealthy fats, sugar contents, or carbohydrates it's likely your chin will get bigger.

The fat deposits on our body have nowhere else to go so they may gather around the neck and beneath the jawline even if we don't inherit a genetic history for having one!

Oily Skin

Blackhead and pimple on the nose in woman cause of oily skin | carb face

Zinc deficiency can cause oily skin. 

It's also possible that they have a lot of androgens as a result of too much insulin. Insulin makes androgens too high.

Does androgen cause oily skin?

Your skin gets oilier as the amount of androgens in your body rises.

Some people have naturally oily skin. Androgen, a type of hormone produced by men and women alike, binds with your sebaceous glands which causes you to produce more oil than usual on days where there are higher levels!

Does insulin stimulate androgen production?

The high levels of insulin are what cause the ovaries to produce too much testosterone. Insulin is a storage form of carbohydrate that our body uses to store glucose.

When there are too many insulin molecules in circulation, the ovaries will produce more testosterone than what's needed for normal functions.

Dry Flaky Skin

Man with dry skin visiting dermatologist | carb face

If you have dry, flaky skin, there's a chance it's caused by underlying liver disease or too much omega-6 fatty acids.

Essential Fatty acid deficiency is the leading cause of scaly dermatitis. It can also lead to a variety of other problems such as growth retardation, alopecia, and thrombocytopenia among others.

The Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) play an important role in keeping your skin healthy by providing it with necessary moisture; without these acids, we would face dryness which leads to many uncomfortable side effects like cracking or scaling due to excessive exfoliation from dead cells trying their best but failing because there isn't enough hydration available for them anymore!

To avoid deficiencies in both Omega 3 and 6 it is important that we strive for a healthy 1:1 ratio of these nutrients. However,  diets typically contain too much-polyunsaturated fat ( omega-6 ) over saturated fatty acids ( -3).

There has been some concern about whether or not our bodies may be lacking an essential amount needed to maintain optimum health.

This could lead to problems with heart disease, cancer prevention/revisitation, etc., but scientists haven't reached any firm conclusions yet because they don’t know exactly how much you need per day

Your diet is the key to healthy skin. If you're eating fresh, whole foods and your skin complexion look great, then there's no need to supplement with fish oil pills or flax.

Omega 3 fats also reduce weight while inflammation goes down in response – so a balance needs attention too though; excess omega 6 causes increased fat levels which leads to more wrinkles than we want on our faces.

Regardless of the cause, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D are all present in cod liver oil. As a result of this, cod liver oil may assist with both dry and greasy skin. Cod Liver Oil has the potential to help with both dry and greasy skin.


Close up the face skin Asian young women are acne, facial skin, acne | Carb Face

Acne has been linked to high androgen levels, which is an extremely high amount of insulin.

Can carbs make you break out?
Studies have suggested that a high-carb diet can cause acne via insulin metabolism. Carbohydrates are commonly thought to be one of the main triggers for breakouts. 
Eating too many refined carbs can contribute to increased blood sugar and insulin levels which, in turn, may lead you down a path towards acne-hood!

Zinc Deficiency & Acne

Can low zinc levels cause acne? Although this may not seem like the most likely cause, some research has found that there is indeed a correlation between low serum levels and zits.

Does zinc make acne worse? Studies suggested that there is a correlation between the severity and type of acne lesions and zinc levels.

Zinc deficiency has been associated with an increased risk for developing Highlyterior Acne (HAA), which can lead to rosacea later on down the line if left untreated or unchecked; however, taking adequate amounts will definitely help ease inflammation during flare-ups.

How to Get Rid of Carb Face

When your net carb intake is high, you will gain weight.

For most of your life, you've been told that you need carbs for energy or that your brain can only run on glucose made from carbs. But this is not true. Your brain can run on ketones, which are made when you eat a low-carbohydrate diet.

In fact, many people report having more mental clarity and better cognitive function when they are in ketosis.

If you are looking to lose weight, reducing your carbohydrate intake is a great place to start.

By eating a low-carbohydrate diet, you will force your body to burn ketones for energy instead of carbs. This can lead to weight loss and better health overall.

Give it a try! You may be surprised at how well you feel when you reduce your carbs.

Learn more about How Carbohydrates Impact Your Health by watching this video from TED-Ed:

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