Men’s Pressing Concerns On Diet, Exercise, Supplements [PODCAST]

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#ASKFUNK Episode 2 – Men’s Pressing Concerns On Diet, Exercise, Supplement

Should I still take supplements when I’m already eating foods that are loaded with vitamins? Can I have an apple as a post-workout snack? How do I know if I’m overstretching myself or if I’m exercising enough? Why am I NOT losing weight when I’m doing everything I was told to do in the program?

These are just glimpses of the multiple issues raised in this episode of #AskFunk. If you have the same questions or wish to ask the brotherhood about something that has been bothering you about your health, tune in to find out how!“Don’t look at the scale, just look at the muscle you’re building. Building muscle is a long game, you gotta stick it out.” — Funk Roberts.

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In This Episode:

  • The dangers of relying on sauna suits for weight loss!
  • The best morning drink that is responsible for increasing testosterone, libido, and improving men’s overall performance
  • One of the greatest pillars of recovery men shouldn’t take for granted
  • Amazing, ancient Chinese exercise for meditation, breathing, incredible recovery routine, reduces stress and boosts testosterone production
  • Funk’s passionate stand on veganism and MLM for men who are bent on getting their abs back
  • Why a lot of people often create their own narratives to what they want things to be
  • Recommended metabolic workouts and supplements for men who are recovering from chronic illnesses Resources
  • Sleep Shred – Use promo code PODCAST10 for a 15% discount!
  • Over40 Alpha Workout and Nutrition Program
  • Funk Supplements

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