Creating Physical Intimacy Through Mindfulness [PODCAST]

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Physical Intimacy Through Mindfulness

Do you struggle with creating intimacy in your relationship? Has the physical closeness you once shared with your partner all but disappeared? Are you hoping to create positive change in this area?

If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone. One of the main reasons men seek out the guidance of a counselor directly relates to a lack of intimacy in personal, romantic relationships.

So, how can you create physical closeness with your mate without the experience of being robotic? Is there any way to strengthen the physical bond between you and your partner that enhances pleasure? Can intuitiveness be increased as part of the process?

For many – the answer is yes by engaging in a mindfulness-based technique called Sensate Focus.

In this podcast, Dr. Moore will walk you through the nuts and bolts of sensate focus and how it can be used through various phases.

Later in the show, Dr. Moore will also answer an email from a college student named “Chuck” who is struggling to identify several toxic relationships in his life.

In his response, Moore walks the listener through 7 telltale signs of toxic relationships to consider, as presented on the Jordan Harbinger Show. You’ll also learn about a special 10% discount offered to listeners of the podcast with BetterHelp.

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  • The story of Mark – a 38-year-old man who struggled with re-creating physical intimacy in his marriage.
  • The Sensate Focus technique and how it is used.
  • Handout on Sensate Focus (PDF offline from Fred Hutch)
  • A quick walkthrough of the phases of Sensate Focus
  • Learn about the importance of mindfulness and closeness
  • An email from “Chuck” on the identification of toxic relationships
  • A walkthrough of the 7-telltale signs someone toxic may be in your life.
  • A shout-out to the show’s sponsor, BetterHelp who is offering a 10% discount to all listeners of the podcast. BetterHelp offers expert online counseling services. Use this link to receive the discount.

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