Police Officer and the Demands of the Job [PODCAST]

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Graeme Errington Coach Healer Author talks about being a Police Officer and the demands of the job

Graeme Errington Coach, Healer, Author, and a former Police Officer. He comes on the show to talk about his desire to help people and the challenges that came with being in the Police force. Graeme grew up in Hartlepool and later worked in the area. He talks about the traumas both physical and mental that affected his time in the uniform.

He talks about the lack of internal help with coping with trauma and mental health.

Upon leaving force he was offered a Community Support Officer which he did for 12 years.

He has now set up a business as Coach and Healer. He has now written a book. ‘Tell Me Less’ the shortcut to abundant well-being without talking to a stranger. The book can be found on Amazon. Listen to his journey from struggling with mental health to becoming a healer and author.

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