Detoxicity With Ned Donovan [PODCAST]

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Detoxicity With Ned Donovan

Ned Donovan is an actor, entrepreneur and creative multi-hyphenate (surprise) (originally from Maine and now (well, in non-COVID times) making his home in New York City.

He currently is a cast member of the D&D-related podcast Encounter Party, runs a website for theater professionals called Audition Cat, and is also developing a podcast based around eulogies.

Ned also has a pretty interesting past, having spent time as a professional stunt coordinator (!!). We get into that during our discussion, but we also talk about growing up with an addict parent, what he learned (or didn't learn) being brought up in lily-white Maine, learning to understand and then use his privilege for good, and finding personal and professional catharsis after a series of personal tragedies left him reeling.

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