Don McLaughlin: CBD and Benefits For Men Over 40 [PODCAST]

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Don McLaughlin: CBD and Benefits For Men Over 40

Don McLaughlin, a former government trial lawyer turned health and wellness advocate is also the author of Plant, Performance and the Endocannabinoid System. When they said that health is wealth, it pretty much sums up Don McLaughlin’s health and wellness journey. Being a founder and owner of a multi-million dollar company made him take his body’s needs for granted. When his health took a deep dive, he moved heaven and earth just to find that one medicine that can make him well again, and he found it! Today, he shares how CBD changed his life and how it can change yours too!

“For me, it wasn’t about the THC and the high, it was about how I can feel better on a day to day basis.” —Don McLaughlin

In This Episode:

– Eliminate misinformation about the things that are beneficial to your health and become more effective in your role as a leader, as a father, and as a man with responsibilities to fulfill.

– Learn how self-experimentation can help you win yourself back so you can serve your real purpose.

– How hemp-derived CBD differs from marijuana and the right amount and process to use it so you can reap its benefits. Note: this requires due diligence and common sense.

Why there are different types of CBDs and why people prefer the CBD isolated version.

– Benefits of CBD on men’s hormones, recovery from health decline and inflammation, sleep, and the proper management of stress and anxiety.

– The percentage rate of hemp oil that is considered legal and what people need to be careful about when exposed to a high concentration of hemp-derived THC.

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