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Too often, the process of looking at your biases can be presented like eating your vegetables.

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Examining Your Biases

But one of the most fascinating and rewarding things I have attempted to do in recent years is to take a good, hard look at my own prejudices and conditioning, especially as a white man.

I still screw up all the time. However, one thing that I think is often underplayed is that doing this work can be deeply enjoyable–and can also pay profound dividends.

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One of my most important role models here has been John Biewen, host of a podcast called Scene on Radio. The show has had four seasons, but the seasons that have most impacted me are Seasons 2 and 3. Season 2 is called “Seeing White,” in which he explores white people and whiteness. Season 3 is called “Men,” in which he looks at sexism.

I was not surprised to learn that John is a meditator, a practice which, he explains, has helped him as he’s done his work.

Were you able to rethink your biases? Share your thoughts below.

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