11 Amazing Hair Colors For Women Over 50

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Forget looking your age. Embrace your individuality without letting the calendar determine your style – and without aging yourself. Here are the best vivifying hair colors for women over 50.

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Hair Color for Women Over 50 That Will Turn Back the Clock

Hair Color for Women Over 50 | Colors That Don't Age

1. Elegant Brown

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Nothing exudes grace and elegance more than brown locks tied neatly in a ponytail. It's a timeless, natural hair color that whispers sophistication and is easy to maintain even if you have graying hairs. Opt instead for a demi-permanent hair dye and limit your shampoo days to two to three times per week.

2. Bronde Balayage

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Thinning hair is common in aging women. Bring back dimension and depth to your locks with a bronde balayage – a luxurious and soft combination of browns and blonde tones in a gradient effect. Ask your stylist to apply layers on your hair to create extra volume and that extra oomph!

3. Espresso Tones

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Deep brown hues will bring back the glow and warmth to your complexion, winding the clock back 10 years. If you've been wanting to go dark but are worried the color might not suit you, then do black and brown lowlights. Black hair will make you look like a modern woman, but the brown hues make you more approachable.


4. Shadow Roots With Blonde Ends

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Brown hair turning a warm white? Embrace your gold crown by dying your hair blonde, still maintaining depth in your roots with shadow roots. Don't worry about root growth – they will melt seamlessly and beautifully with your blonde locks, the best hair color for aging brunettes.

This is a great idea for women with sensitive skin and aren't comfortable with harsh bleaching chemicals touching their skin. Also a great idea – purple toning shampoo.

5. Cream Blonde

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If your roots have turned completely golden white, own the look and seize the opportunity to go blonde – maybe find out if they do have more fun. You'll only have to bleach your hair once, but maintain the milky hue with toning shampoo with purple pigments will keep your tresses from turning brassy.


Hair Color for Women Over 50 | Colors for the Fierce Woman

6. Red

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Yes, you red right. Bring back the fire to your tresses and your eyes with this transformative shade. Warm shades do a great job of reinvigorating your looks and immediately upgrade your outfits even without having to overhaul your wardrobe.

I highly recommend this for ladies with blue eyes, as the contrast between the two vibrant colors will make them pop.

7. Jet Black

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Stamp out all signs of aging with a cosmopolitan and sophisticated tone, blazing with just as much ferocity as red hues. Soften your look by coloring your brows with a deep, rich brown tone and a natural nude lip. With such a strong and bold color, balance out the rest of your look with subtle tones and nude shades.

Best worn with confidence.


8. Platinum Blonde

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A great tone for ladies with cool skin undertones is an equally icy and cool platinum blonde color. You'll never have to worry about regrowth with platinum blonde as your white and silver root growth will simply melt in with the rest of your dyed locks.

Think Devil Wears Prada meets Twiggy. Finish off your look with a vibrant and colorful outfit, bring youth to your doll eyes with big, battling lashes and a bold eyeliner look.

9. Salt and Pepper

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Salt and pepper is a tasteful way to transition to gray hair, adding a dash of spice to your look. Ask your stylist to create a black and silver balayage so that your regrowth, whether black or silver blends with the rest of your locks.

Use color-safe shampoo and purple toning shampoo to maintain the color and keep your tresses from turning brassy. This is one of the best picks for brunettes.

10. Ash Blonde

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Own your gray hairs and make a style out of it. Ash blonde is a cool-toned blond with ashy, gray, and silver undertones. The luxurious and sultry combination of gold and silver tones with your hair will add much-needed depth and volume to thinning hair.

Purple toning shampoo will keep your blonde strands from turning brassy and your silver strands dirty. On days when you're not scheduled to wash your hair, spray dry shampoo on your roots to soak up the oil and add volume and oomph to matted hair.

11. Silver

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Age gracefully with silver hair that boasts both wisdom and a vivacious spirit. There's nothing more beautiful and youthful than confidence and a head of hair that captures the glow of the midday sun. Own with the color you've been given, how you wear it is completely up to you.

Class up your look with a subtle face makeup look with monochromatic matte shades. Add a modern twist by wearing a bold brow color in coffee or black tones and a natural lip color.

It's not your hair that ages you, it's your mindset.

With age comes wisdom, elegance, and sophistication – and completely new ways to wear your hair. Embrace your natural hair color because there's nothing more beautiful and magnetic than a woman that can strut with confidence.

What's your favorite hair color from the list? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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