Home Gym Essentials: How To Build Your Own Gym At Home

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Bring these home gym essentials into your home and you'll never have an excuse not to do a couple of sets.  I've lined up equipment that will help you hit different muscle groups.

I even put in something to release your muscles for after. Continue scrolling for the home gym essentials that will whip you into shape from the comfort of your own home.

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Home Gym Essentials to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey

Home Gym Essentials | Small Equipment

1. Resistance Bands

focused aged man doing exercise with strap elastic | home gym

Resistance bands are a great tool for beginners and fitness buffs alike. You may use them to help build muscles and for the homebodies out there, for mobility exercises.

Are you a frequent traveler? Take your home gym with you! There are many workout programs you can use them with and they don't take up much storage space. They usually come in packs with bands in various lengths and widths.

Up the ante in your HIIT workouts or mobility exercises with resistance bands.

Studies found that resistance training may help relieve back pain and reverse age-related conditions related to skeletal muscles.

2. Yoga Mat

woman in black and green skirt lying on brown wooden floor | home gym

The yoga mat is a key piece of equipment in your yoga or pilates workouts. But they're not just for yoga and pilates. A yoga mat may help cushion your bodyweight sets, floor workouts, and for post-workout stretching.

If you also love to workout barefoot, you'll be a fan of the yoga mat.


3. Kettle Bell

muscular sportsman doing plank exercise on kettlebells | home gym

Kettlebells are great for unilateral workouts, strength building, and muscle building. These heavyweight workout equipment are lightweights in size.

With just one kettlebell, you'll be able to do high-intensity full-body workouts, hitting many different muscle groups. At the same time, you'll be able to master muscle control, balance, and core stability.

This is perfect for those who perform a combination of cardio, resistance, and strength training.

After 50, we lose approximately 5% to 10% of muscle mass each decade. So stay on top of y0ur fitness with an intense power workout. You'll feel 30 at age 50.

4. Bosu Ball

sporty woman squatting on bosu ball in gym | home gym

Every fitness first-timer should understand the importance of core stability and balance. No matter what program you're doing or what muscle groups you're crunching, you'll need a strong core and steady balance to hit the poses and movements correctly.

Mastery of the Bosu Ball may help you improve your workout posture, helping keep your training sessions safe and fully maximized.

5. Jump Rope

girl industry connection technology | home gym

Science sheds the light on shedding weight – here's what it really takes.

To lose weight, studies find that you'll need to spend more calories than you consume in a day. Jump rope workouts are full-body workouts that burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

Jumping rope may also help tone your core muscles, improve your stamina, all while working your calves as well.

It's a tool all athletes use – you can't complete your home gym without this.

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6. Adjustable Dumbbells

muscular man doing exercise with dumbbells | home gym

Adjustable dumbbells are a gym must-have. As one of the most basic strength training equipment, you'll find them in every fitness center and home gym.

You can get as few as four individual dumbbells with varying weights or a whole rack. However, the adjustable dumbbell by far is the most versatile and space-saving type.

If you're not the only one using the gym at home, opt for the adjustable dumbbell. They can cater to all weight classes and are foolproof to set up.

Home Gym Essentials | Large Equipment

7. Barbells

person holding barbell | home gym

The barbell is also one of the most basic pieces of gym equipment you'll need in your home setup. You can perform squats, overhead presses, deadlifts, and bench presses with barbells.

You can do the same with dumbbells, but the weight of the barbell is evenly distributed so you can expect more stable movement. Moreover, barbells are heavier than dumbbells. You may start off with dumbbells then graduate to barbells eventually.

It's a universal tool you can use for many different programs and hit multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Keep this on your list.

8. Treadmill

an on treadmill | home gym

Come hail or rain, you can log your miles with a great treadmill.

Opt for a treadmill with a great cushion – your leg muscles will thank you later.

You don't even need to keep the treadmill in the home gym. You can place it in front of the TV so you stay entertained during your workout and keep your mind off of the oncoming fatigue.

9. Cable Machine

man in black tank top and gray shorts holding smartphone | home gym


If you have enough space and a hefty budget, splurge on a cable machine.

It's one of the safest and most versatile gym equipment you'll come across. The cable machine covers the five basic movements – pull, push, squat, lunge, and rotation.

Alternately use weights and the cable machine to prevent your gains from plateauing. Repeating the same workouts over and over again may lead to diminishing results over time. Change it up and keep your workouts dynamic.

Keeping your training sessions dynamic will keep things interesting so you don't grow tired of them and lose motivation to workout.

Home Gym Essentials | What You Didn't Know You Needed

10. Lacrosse, Golf, or Tennis Ball

white golf ball lot on green plastic container | home gym

Lacrosse, golf, or tennis balls make great massage balls for muscle release.

Using a massage ball post-workout may help relieve fatigue, sore muscles, muscle performance and recovery, and joint movement.

There are a number of self-myofascial release massages you can do after your workout. They only take a few minutes to do and you can do it any time after your training session.

11. Rubber Flooring

person holding barbell | home gym

Don't let this new investment in a home gym ruin the former. Protect your floor with a heavy and dense rubber floor. Rubber flooring will also help you get better traction during your workouts, preventing slipping and helping you maintain proper posture throughout.

If you're just about to build your home gym, these are great pieces to start with. Once you've maximized their use and perhaps extended your gym area, then you can consider investing in heavier and larger equipment.

A great arsenal is one best suited to help you achieve your goals. Take into consideration how versatile each piece will be. Most of all, master how to get the most of each piece of equipment.

Congratulations on taking the first step on your fitness journey. By building this home gym, you're part of the way there!

Motivated or amped up? Let us know which equipment you're starting off with! Going straight for the heavy equipment or are you going to perfect your Shavasana pose first? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!


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