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Monitoring your blood sugar is one of the most important interventions you can make for yourself in order to live long and truly feel good.

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How To Control Your Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes, your cardiovascular disease risk, your cancer risk and your Alzheimer's risk all go up dramatically. So, what if we were to just put on our thinking hats as biohackers and say, “Which intervention has the highest ROI for reducing my odds of dying from everything?”

Regulating your blood sugar would be very, very high on the list, probably more important than exercise, even though exercise can be a method of controlling your blood sugar and exercise and movement are important, no doubt about it.

If you didn't move around and your blood sugar was highly regulated, you'd be better off than if you had irregular blood sugar and you moved around. It's that big of a deal.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant are back on the show. This time, they’re letting you know how to get control of your blood sugar spikes and drops, and instead find a stable middle ground.

These two BiOptimizers cofounders have decades of combined experience in health, nutrition and exercise. They really get how the brain and body work together for maximum performance and realize so much of that has to do with our blood sugar.

“Our pancreases are both four and a half times the size per body weight of any species on the planet because we eat so much sugar,” Matt says. “That's what involved in the regulation and distribution of insulin.”

If you don’t manage your blood sugar, there will be consequences. But when you find a way to maintain stable glucose levels, your body learns how to convert glucose into energy more effectively. This leads to better performance.

Your body repairs and you have more energy for thinking and moving. We talk about ketones, carbs and how to keep your blood sugar at a consistent level (even when you have those days where you eat a 4,000 calorie meal).

You’ll also learn how you can best collect data on what works for your body and how the active ingredients work in BiOptimizer’s Blood Sugar Breakthrough supplement.


“As great as our product is and it's really awesome, I want to also caution people,” Wade says. “You can't supplement your way out of a bad diet, and you want to take data, and you want to correlate it with biofeedback.”

How are you controlling your blood sugar? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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