How to Improve Your Skin With Chlorella Algae

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As we age, so does our skin. Our skin is an organ, and it requires care just as the rest of our body needs. There is a way to nourish and improve skin with algae that comes packed with trace minerals and vitamin A. Originating in Japan, some people know it as a superfood.

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Is Algae The New Revolutionary Ingredient For Your Skincare?


Chlorella for Skin

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How can you nourish your skin from the inside apart from healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, and taking vitamins? A type of algae containing skin improving minerals and vitamins is chlorella. It has a hard cell wall, that you can take as a supplement or a topical solution for your skin.

So How is Algae Improving Skin?

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We know chlorella to have regenerative properties and it rids the body of free radicals that include toxins and other pollutants such as heavy metals. This helps the liver and protects other organs and the skin from damage.

Collagen found in the skin naturally declines as we age, and we lose our youthful plumpness to our skin. This results in sagging, thin skin. Environmental factors can speed this up, such as overexposure to the sun, smoking, neglect, and other free radicals.

On the flip side, things we do to our own bodies by consuming certain foods can create inflammation in the skin and that is another culprit to aging. Processed foods, fast foods, and even frying our food creates inflammation in the skin. If you are someone who enjoys smoked meat, this too has been proven to create inflammation.

Inflammation happens inside our bodies just as much on the outside from injuries that produce visible swelling. As a result, this type of inflammation can speed up aging. Chlorella helps fight inflammation, promotes cell regeneration, and expels harmful toxins and metals from the body.

Look Younger

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Who doesn't want to look younger? Research conducted on chlorella has continued to show it may help in moisturizing skin. Thus, making a person look younger just by taking the supplement. Do you smoke? Have you spent time around secondary smokers? if so, you'll be glad to know that favorable results were yielded from research on Korean male smokers showing a significant decrease in lymphocyte DNA damage.


Nutrients found in chlorella and most of this feed the skin:

  • Protein
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iron and vitamin C
  • Other antioxidants
  • Other vitamins and minerals
  • Omega-3s
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin A

Even if you have done a lot of damage to your skin through oxidative stress, there is a way you can repair any damage. The study proves that smokers can benefit from taking chlorella because it reduces the oxidative stress levels that contribute to aging skin. Nonsmokers could use chlorella to fight other oxidative stress is in the body, most of which we are unaware of, giving our skin a chance to be repaired and nourished.

We can’t fight father time and we can’t change the fact our bodies produce less collagen as we age. However, there are healthy ways to take care of our bodies and avoid expensive and risky options such as plastic surgery.

By keeping our bodies detoxified of oxidative stress from things such as heavy metals, you are also giving your liver a helping hand. When the body can expel unwanted toxins in the system, it can slow down the accumulation and eventually reduce the results that are the visible signs of aging.

Chlorella supplements come in powder and pill form, and it is important that you purchase the pill form with a ‘broken cell wall’ so your body can absorb the nutrients.

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Other Benefits

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There are other benefits in taking chlorella, making this superfood algae even more of a punch of power for the body.

  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Help get rid of bad breath.
  • Reduces high cholesterol.
  • Reduces high blood pressure.
  • Helps reduce asthma attacks.

Side Effects

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The side effects of taking chlorella resembled similar effects comparable to detoxification. Headaches, upset stomach, digestive interruptions, and potential sensitivity to sunlight. In addition, some users may develop acne, nausea, and breathing problems such as asthma.

Chlorella Improves the Body

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With the positive effects of chlorella on the body, taking this supplement or putting it in a smoothie is worth it. Besides reducing toxins in the system giving the body a leg up, it may reduce other damage or slow it down. If you are looking for a way to stay younger, feel better, and be a healthier person; taking a chlorella supplement as a part of an already healthy way of eating will give you those results in as little as two weeks.
Dr. Josh Axe at has some good things to say about Chlorella and other healthier ways of taking care of your body.

Have you tried using algae for your skincare? Let us know how in the comments section below.

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