How To Make Herbal Tea

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When I learned how to make herbal tea, I realized I didn't need warm drinks with caffeine anymore. I found that I enjoyed it so much, I now make herbal tea year-round. It is great to drink at night when you are trying to wind down and relax.

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How to Make Herbal Tea | Healthy Drink for All Season

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Herbal tea is extremely versatile. You can use a multitude of ingredients to make it. They can either be fresh or dried herbs. I started growing chamomile and peppermint in my garden, so I would have them to make tea.

I also like to dry mixtures of herbs so I can give tea to friends and family as gifts. As soon as I learned how to make tea, I drink it almost all the time.

In the colder months, when you are trying to keep warm. Then I make iced herbal tea during the summer months. Nothing compares to drinking herbal tea on a cold day. Plus, there are many herbal tea benefits:

  • good for stomach and digestive problems
  • good for calming the nervous system
  • a source of vitamins and minerals
  • rich in anti-oxidant properties
  • best for helping avoid colds
  • good for cleansing the body
  • a good stress reliever

There are different types of herbal tea you can drink. Such as:

  • Chamomile Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Lemon Balm Tea
  • Lavender Tea
  • Ginger Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Rosemary Tea

It is easy to make herbal tea and you can usually find the ingredients in your kitchen to make at least one of these. Other ingredients can all be found in a grocery store.


  • Tea base:
    • Peppermint – Helps digest food and cool the body. You can use this if you have irritated lungs, or if you want to ease colds.
    • Ginger – Helps energize and stimulate the body. If you want to battle colds, this is a good option.
    • Yerba Mate – Considered as the green tea of South America. It contains medicinal properties and is great for the mind.
  • Flavoring:
    • Honey – Provides many health benefits.
    • Licorice Root – A good sweetener.
    • Stevia Leaf – 400 times sweeter compared to sugar. It is known to balance blood sugar levels and help manage diabetes.
    • Peels of Lemon and Oranges – Rich in vitamin C.
    • Hibiscus Flowers – Helps lower blood pressure. They're also rich in vitamin C.
    • Eucalyptus – Has soothing vapor.
    • Gingko – Aids blood circulation.
    • Eleuthero Root or Adaptogen – Helps strengthen the body and increase general resistance to daily stress. This is great when building strength.
    • Echinacea Root – Used for healthy immune system support, as well as to support healthy sinus function during times of need.
    • Dandelion Root – If you lose your appetite, use dandelion. It also helps cleanse kidneys and liver. It is used to increase urine production and as a laxative to increase bowel movements.


  1. Choose a tea base. Instructions on how to make herbal tea are simple. The challenge usually comes from choosing the tea base. You can make it using fresh ingredients, dried ingredients, or even from a teabag.
  2. Add the flavoring of your choice. Adjust based on your taste. It's always exciting to mix and match a tea base and some flavorings.
  3. Brew the herbal tea by pouring hot water into the cup of herbs.
  4. Cover for 10 minutes
  5. Strain then serve.
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See, it's that easy! We bet you've already memorized the steps on how to make herbal tea. If you're looking for something to serve your guests especially during the cold days, make them a cup of herbal tea!

We bet they'll be surprised you made everything yourself.

Got any more tips on how to make herbal tea? Let us know in the comments section below!

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