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Joint pain can be debilitating pain. One of the most potent causes can arthritis. Both Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis can be crippling to the person on the receiving end of the pain resulting from either of the two.

They are both inflammation of the joints and typically worsen as a person ages. Another cause of joint pain can be the result of an injury. See these ways for joint pain relief.

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7 Effective Ways For Joint Pain Relief


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1. Healthy Weight Management

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Joints take the biggest hit when the body takes on extra pounds. Each pound of weight loss can reduce the load on the knee joint by 4 pounds.

Carrying extra weight puts a strain on joints and bones. And just getting rid of a few pounds can make a world of difference in the pain in joints, how a person feels, and overall health.

2. Heat and Cold Depending on Activity

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Applying heat to an inflamed area will dilate the blood vessels, promote blood flow, and help sore and tightened muscles relax. Heat is usually more effective than cold at treating chronic muscle pain or painful joints caused by arthritis.

Cold therapy, on the other hand is usually used after some physical therapy and may be used within 48 hours after a bodily injury. If a muscle or joint is heated up, that's when ice is most helpful and why ice is effective after an initial injury.

3. Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is a valuable and helpful way of treating joint pain or an injury. When physical therapy is done correctly, and the therapist is manipulating the injured area in such a way as to work the muscles and joints, this is the best of care.

The patient can then make progress through a series of exercises to build strength and reduce pain and inflammation.

4. Cortisone Injection

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Doctors may prescribe a Cortisone injection for an injury or joint pain. Hence, the patient can perform physical therapy and repair the affected joint through the rehab phase.

A person may also do this so a person can become more mobile, so they can lose extra pounds and get the weight off of affected joints.

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5. Changing the Diet

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Eat a diet full of leafy greens, blueberries, avocados, salmon, turmeric, and ginger. These foods and ingredients are full of anti-inflammatory-rich powerhouse nutrients that help strengthen bones and joints.

These foods also have other health benefits, such as preventing cancer, stroke, and heart disease, but for joints and bones, these mentioned foods are hard to beat.

6. Medications

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Medications work for some people, and other people cannot take medicines for one reason or another.

It is always best to check with a physician of your choice before deciding which medication to use, over-the-counter or prescription.

7. Exercise

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Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:7 Effective Joint Pain Relief Ways Infographics

This may seem like a bad idea at first because our bodies don't want to move when they hurt, but quite the opposite is true. Now more than ever, movement is important. So keep it gentle and try not to put extra stress on those joints that are sore, but move all the same.

Water exercises do not put as much stress on the joints as running would. Likewise, Bicycling does not put as much wear and tear on the knees as walking does. Restorative yoga is an outstanding yoga to start with and then move on to other classes.

Inactivity can cause some common situations to escalate. It was Katherine Hepburn who once said as she began to age, “If you don't move, you rust.” And she was correct. The human body resists movement, but the exact right thing to do when there is joint pain is moving.

Watch this video from MEDSimplified for diet food for joint pain relief:

Managing joint pain is a juggling act for many. You have been given several suggestions for joint pain relief. When the urge to sit rushes over you because of knee pain, instead of taking a long walk, try just taking a short one instead. If your shoulder is sore, try stretching and moving every day before and after work.

Call your doctor and talk about physical therapy. Think about anti-inflammatory-rich foods and infuse more of those into your diet every week. Guage your results after a month or two. Keep after it and keep moving.

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