13 Easy & Healthy Keto Ground Beef Recipes

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Ground beef is one of the most versatile proteins you can incorporate in keto-friendly dishes. It packs a lot of flavors that you won’t have to crave for carbs! Here are some of the best keto ground beef recipes you can make at home.

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15 Yummy Keto Ground Beef Recipes Perfect for Guilt-Free Dinners

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1. Slow-Cooked Meatballs

meatballs tomato sauce | ground beef keto recipes

Staying away from spaghetti is a must when you’re going for a ketogenic diet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some tasty meatballs!

In a slow cooker, add crushed tomatoes, pureé, onions, garlic, and fresh parsley together with your meatballs and cook for 6 to 8 hours. The sauce infused with the meatballs will come out so heavenly that you’ll find yourself going for seconds!

2. Keto Beef and Broccoli

ceramic casserole ground beef stir fry vegetables | ground beef keto recipes

When it comes to keto ground beef recipes, the classic beef and broccoli dish will always shine. Want to ditch the carbs? Just take out the rice pilaf and you’ll still have a filling meal!

To achieve the sweet and savoury sauce without sugar, cook a cup of minced onions in a pan until they caramelize. Add some garlic, ginger, and beef stock for flavor and don’t hesitate to try a low-sodium alternative for soy sauce.

3. Cheesy Stuffed Peppers

top down view stuffed peppers fresh | ground beef keto recipes
No one can say no to bell peppers stuffed with ground beef, especially when it’s loaded with cheese. They’re easily one of the easiest and yummiest dishes to make if you’re on a keto diet.

If you prefer a little kick, you can make a tomato-based dip with chili flakes and paprika. Need something even spicier? Go crazy and experiment with stuffed jalapeño peppers!

4. Korean Beef Bowl with Cauliflower Rice

traditional korean dish bibimbap rice vegetables | ground beef keto recipes

Planning to binge on your favorite Korean drama series tonight? Complete the experience with a keto-friendly version of bibimbap! Who can resist a hearty bowl filled with spicy, beefy goodness?


Instead of the usual white rice, you can opt for cauliflower rice. Not only is it healthier, but it’s also delicious when mixed with gochujang and kimchi.

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5. Ground Beef and Cabbage Casserole

cabbage casserole ground beef onions cheddar | ground beef keto recipes

Everybody loves a good casserole, especially during potlucks and gatherings. Surprise your family with a cheesy ground beef and cabbage casserole—it’s so delightful that they’ll forget there’s no pasta in it!

Not a fan of cabbage? No worries! You can also try using green beans, asparagus, broccoli, or cauliflower. Adding cream cheese together with your shredded cheddar mixture will give your cheese sauce a deeper flavor.

6. Keto Ground Beef Stew

ground beef stew frying pan meat | ground beef keto recipes
One of the best keto ground beef recipes that will never disappoint you is a bowl of stew. It’s so warm and comforting that it feels like a hug in a bowl! Your taste buds will be craving this during cold and rainy days.

You can also transform this dish into a keto hamburger stew—just throw in some onions, celery, diced tomatoes, green beans, and peppers in a crockpot to mimic the taste of your favorite burger.

7. Cheesy Eggplant Lasagna

horizontal photo eggplant lasagna cheese meat | ground beef keto recipes

Can’t fight your pasta cravings while you’re on a keto diet? A plate of cheesy eggplant lasagna will satisfy your desire for a hearty meal without the starch.

To kick it up a notch, you can roast the eggplants before flattening them into layers. You’ll be surprised by how flavorful they can get, especially when they’re covered with ricotta and marinara!

8. Keto Beef Tacos

taco keto diet food wrapped instead | ground beef keto recipes

Mexican cuisine uses ground beef in most of its recipes, making them easier to recreate as keto-friendly dishes. Tacos are no exception, but what about the tortillas?

Instead of using flour tortillas, you can use red cabbage to wrap your tacos. It’s a healthier way to seal in all the beefy juices in every bite!

9. Cheesy Taco Salad

delicious mexican beef taco salad bowl | ground beef keto recipes

Most salads can be boring and unappetizing, even if you douse them in dressing. Make your greens more delicious by turning them into a cheesy taco salad!

It has all the ingredients you need in a typical taco but without the shells or tortillas. You can even indulge in some guacamole and nacho cheese sauce.

10. Spicy Chili con Carne

bowl delicious chili con carne | ground beef keto recipes

Did you know that you can make a keto version of chili con carne? You just have to leave out the beans and replace them with red or green peppers. Don’t skimp on the chilies for an extra kick.

While this dish is usually served with tortillas, corn chips, or bread, you can switch to low-carb alternatives such as keto cornbread and crackers.


11. Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

homemade salisbury steak mushroom onion gravy | ground beef keto recipes

Want to prepare a homemade meal for your special someone? Salisbury steak is a date night-approved dish you can make without stressing over the unnecessary carbs.

Mashed potatoes are the go-to side dishes for this recipe, but you can also opt for mashed cauliflower. It tastes really good with the mushroom gravy, too!

12. Lettuce-Wrapped Cheeseburger

healthy hamburger lettuce bun cheese | ground beef keto recipes

Wrapping your cheeseburger with lettuce might seem out of the ordinary, but it’s a foolproof way to make it more ketogenic while ditching the buns.

Aside from lettuce, you can also replace the bread with cabbage, kale, or crispy cheese shells. An open-faced cheeseburger may also be a dish worth trying!

13. Low-Carb Shepherd’s Pie

shepherds pie | ground beef keto recipes

Shepherd’s pie is one of the most wholesome keto ground beef recipes you can cook for your loved ones. Since it is typically made with potatoes, you can use cauliflower to replace the starchy mash.

To make it extra cheesy, mix your mash with cream cheese, heavy cream, and cheddar. Add another layer of shredded cheese and bake in the oven until the top turns melty and golden.

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There are so many keto ground beef recipes you can make at home without having to worry about bread and pasta. You just need to be creative in using keto-friendly ingredients that will complete the flavors you are looking for in your dishes. Don’t be afraid to try alternatives that will help you lessen the carbs!

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