11 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Melt the heart of your partner with these last-minute Valentine's day gifts. Sweep her off her feet with these ideas that are ideal for the occasion.

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11 Romantic and Special Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

1. Beauty Products

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Pamper your Valentine date with a box full of her favorite goodies. Be meticulous especially if she hoards a particular brand. This will also imply that you know the preferences of your special someone.

You can include items that'll thrill her such as skin cream, shower gel, and moisturizer. When it comes to perfume or makeup, be sure that it's what she always wears. However, avoid products that suggest hideous problems like bad-breath solutions as they may offend your lady.

2. Love Notes

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Don't give generic cards to the most special person in your life. Handwritten messages are more romantic and thoughtful especially if you scatter them all over your house. Surprise your woman with personalized notes on her bedside table, on her bathroom mirror, and in her car.

Remind her of the reasons why you admire her, as well as the things that you love about her. She'll definitely smile while reading those sweet messages. They'll let her know that you always think about her, and they would also make her reminisce about your moments together.

3. Books

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If reading is one of her hobbies, then go to your local bookstore and proceed to the best seller area. Choose books that are worth reading and are a great page-turner. Pick her favorite authors as well.

Giving books as a gift is like sharing stories – stories that last a lifetime. You can share with her a book that you've already read and loved. This way, you're also sharing a part of yourself with your special someone.

4. Chocolates

Heart-Shaped Chocolates | last minute valentine's day ideas for her


Chocolates have a rich history, and giving these would also create memories with your partner. Additionally, you don't have to worry about the packaging since most items are already wrapped in gift bags.

Don't just give a subpar box of chocolates. Level it up and customize it by personally selecting the content. Ensure to choose only high-quality and premium chocolates to bring out the best smile on her face.

You can choose from a wide variety of chocolates depending on the preference of your partner. If she's on a strict diet, you can give her a sugar-free option. You can also buy chocolate-dipped pineapple or peach slices if she's a fruit lover.

5. Bouquet of Flowers

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Flowers for Valentine's day might sound cliche, but nothing beats a bunch of her favorite blossoms. You'll see how these blooms would change her mood instantly. Gifting them would result in feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Keep in mind that flowers convey different messages, and they vary depending on the type and color. You can communicate your emotions such as love, joy, appreciation, or apologies.

Make sure that they're fresh and are arranged beautifully. Surprise her at her doorstep, and witness how ecstatic she'll be.

6. Coffee Machine

Shallow Focus on White Ceramic Coffee Mug | best valentines day gifts for her amazon

What's sweeter than breakfast with coffee in bed? Serve your partner some caffeine for that energy boost and alertness. Better yet, give her a coffee machine that would make brewing easier and more convenient.

If your lady is a coffee lover, she'll appreciate this addition to her morning routine. With this gift, she can make a fresh cup before heading to work.

Choose a stylish and trendy design so she could enjoy her drink more. Select one that's easy to use and clean as well.

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7. Champagne

Four Wine Bottles on Ice Bucket | amazon valentine's day gifts

You can't go wrong with a classic bottle of champagne for Valentine's day. Place a handwritten note to add some personal touch.

Make a toast to your relationship and celebrate any occasion with a chilled bottle. You can also set the table and prepare a DIY dinner date at home with this gift as the centerpiece.

Champagne may sound a bit pricey, but you can find one that suits your budget. The good thing is that it can still look prestigious and elegant even if it's low-cost

8. Instant Camera

Black and Gray Polaroid Instant Camera | amazon valentine gifts for her

Photography may sound like an expensive hobby especially if she's doing it professionally. You need to invest in high-end equipment to deliver desired results. However, you can still make her feel special with an instant camera.

Whether your partner is an aspiring beginner or a seasoned photographer, this gift is the way to go. Let your woman save memories not only on her Instagram feed but on films as well. This unique camera would give her an opportunity to capture memories and look back on them.

9. Diffuser

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Another way to pamper your lady is by designing a relaxing atmosphere for her. Bring the spa aura to her bedroom or bathroom in the form of a diffuser. Add her favorite fragrances and essential oils to complete the package.

Relieve her stress and tension, and ease her worries and pain even if you're miles away. Make her feel calm and relaxed after a long and tiring day. She'll thank you for this special treatment after a stressful day at work.

10. Scented Candles

Two Lighted Candles |  diy valentine's day date ideas

Give your partner a pleasant companion in her bedroom come sleeping time. Let her light some scented candles to guide her when she reads at night. These can bring out her romantic and sensual side as well.

Let their soft and warm glow set the mood for some quality time with her. Stimulate and awaken her senses and let them serve as a healer. Both of you will feel like you're in heaven with the scent that these candles emit.

11. Jewelry

Gold and Diamond Jewelry |valentine's day gift ideas for her

Add a spark to your relationship, and make your partner sparkle more. Choose a piece that she can use for any type of occasion or for her everyday wear.

You can also customize a bracelet, a necklace, or earrings. Give an item with her name or initials on it. Alternatively, you can provide her star sign or her birthstone.

This gift is also an investment that appreciates in value. Additionally, she can pass it on to your future children.

Make that special woman in your life feel your love, and don't take her for granted. Show her that you care, and give her any of these last-minute Valentine's day gifts.

Do you have other last-minute Valentine's day gifts in mind that you'd like us to know about? In what other ways can you express your feelings for your partner? Share your thoughts with us know in the comments section below!


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