Let’s Talk All Things Hot Yoga

Let's Talk All Things Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a vigorous form of yoga practiced in an extremely warm and humid yoga studio. There are four of the more familiar practiced forms of hot yoga. They are Bikram, Hot Power Yoga, Moksha, and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga.

4 Types of Hot Yoga

Bikram Yoga

During the Bikram yoga, the room is heated to approximately 105 F (40 C), and the humidity is approximately 40%. Bikram yoga is a 90-minute routine that is filled with stretching moves and yoga exercises that extend the body through the routine in forceful and lengthy muscle contractions. Combined with intense heat, this becomes a demanding workout for muscles and a complete test of endurance for the entire body and mind. The heart rate goes up as the workout routine progresses. Classes end with the savasana pose.

Hot Power Yoga

Hot Power Yoga basically covers the entire practice of hot yoga. Hot power yoga is usually more flexible than Bikram Yoga, with lower temperatures. The room may be heated between 85 – 100 degrees and the movements between postures are not as intense. This type of yoga is what you usually find at the local yoga studios. It is best to ask first which hot yoga a studio is offering before you attend a class.

Hot power yoga may be a good introduction to hot yoga if you have never done it before. But with any hot yoga, this is going to be hot. You are going to be hot and you will sweat during this routine. It isn’t regular yoga. Hydrate before and during the routine. This type of yoga is great for your skin, flexibility, and muscles, but you have to be sure you are ready to be in higher temperatures for the intense workout.

Moksha Yoga

Moksha yoga was designed by Ted Grand. The classes are 90 minutes long and the routines use the same sequence for each class. Teachers of each class may use a variety they are comfortable with so the actual routines may vary from class to class depending on the instructor.

Moksha yoga starts in relaxation pose so the mind is centered from the very beginning of each class. The yoga instructor is supposed to move the students through each practice so strength and flexibility are developed throughout their mind and bodies. Moksha is a green practice and if they own the building they practice in, the building was built using environmentally conscious building materials.

The practice of Moksha yoga is easy to anticipate, so if that practice is something you enjoy, then this type of hot yoga may be the type you would like the most. This yoga is also considered the most mindful practice of the hot yoga routines.

Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga was developed by Baron Baptiste. This yoga is often called Baptiste yoga or Vinyasa yoga. This yoga is a blend of many styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Bikram. Depending on the yoga instructor, each class may vary. Students are encouraged to follow their own ideas about what they want to do during each session.

The room temperature for Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga is typically at 90 degrees. Most of the Baptiste yoga studios are located in Massachusetts.

Health Concerns

Hot yoga is not for everyone. The intensity of the workout and the hot temperatures have the potential to cause heat-related illness. The advice from Mayo clinic is to be sure you check with your doctor before trying this form of yoga, especially if you have any health concerns or if you are pregnant.

It's probably best to skip this if you have:
• Heart disease
• Problems with dehydration
• Heat intolerance
• A history of a heat-related illness (such as heatstroke)

If you have no health concerns and you want to try a hot yoga class, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout. Stop if you feel dizzy, lightheaded or sick in any way.


Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

Being in a warmer room is better for the muscles of your body. This is also a great way to release toxins from your skin and let go of the stress you have been holding in all day. Because this yoga takes concentration to just do that act, the stress of the mind has no room to reside. It has to be released.

You should try this if you want the following benefits:
• Increased muscle flexibility
• Decreased stress
• A cardio challenge
• Weight loss
• Increased lung capacity

While this form of yoga is not for everyone, you might be one of many hot yoga was designed for. This is a mindful practice and a discipline to increase endurance for the mind and the body. The health benefits are numerous if you have no physical limitations. Check out the yoga studios near you and give it a try.


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