Top 10 Office Plants To Get Fresh Air In Your Workplace

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Whether you're working from home or in an office these easy to care office plants will surely give your workspace a more relaxing vibe!

They are not just a great way to add a splash of color to a room, but they are also great for giving you fresh air. Some plants are well-known for their ability to remove toxins from the air and making the air you breathe fresher and better for you.

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Which Plants are Best for the Office?


1. Snake Plant

Decorative,Sansevieria,Plant,On,Wooden,Table,In,Room | Indoor plant


This interesting plant can come in small and tall versions and it only requires water once a week. The snake plant usually has two tones of green and has fronds that extend straight upward. The snake plant doesn’t bloom, but it makes for a simple yet effective addition to any office.

2. English Ivy

Terracotta pot with plant known as English ivy standing on a wooden shelf | office plants low light

This elegant plant may require some trimming if you don’t want it to trail down your desk, but this is a low-maintenance plant that should be worth considering. This office plant is a vine that can grow quite quickly, but its unique leaves with variegation of green and white can give you something to stare at instead of space when you need a break.

3. Oxalis

ornamental plant oxalis parpurea bloomed violently on my windowsill | unique office plants

This plant has a strange name and a unique shape to match its name. This shamrock-leaf plant can come in both green and purple and has small white blooms that can appear in the center of the plant during its peak season. This plant is great for small office space and can add some personality to your workspace.

4. Jade

houseplant Crassula ovata jade plant money tree in white pot | lucky plants for office desk

This cute office plant has a rubbery or plastic texture to its thick leaves and does not grow very tall. Some varieties look like small trees while others look like tiny succulents. In China, they say this plant brings good luck, so why not pick up this plant if it gives you good luck and requires little work to make it survive?


5. Cactus

Enormous mirror accompanied by plants in the living room | tall office plants

Though the cactus may have a prickly exterior, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth looking at. They are beautiful in their own way, and some even sprout flowers. They require very little water and there are a startling number of species to choose from to make your office space your own. If you want to get even more creative, you can curl lights around the cactus and the spines would hold the lights up!

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6. Aloe

Aloe albica on window, decorative succulent in pot, flower, plant decoration in flat | low light plants

The gel from this plant is commonly used in sunburns, but the plant itself also has a unique shape and feel. They also have the added bonus of making the air noticeably fresher and having little need for maintenance.

7. Peace Lily

Composition with peace lily, notebook and cup on table against color wall | low light flowering plants

A peace lily is mostly a large green plant (so make sure to account for space) with a tall, white flower in the center. This flower is unique in that it does very well in poor office lighting and that it has a bloom to go along with it. The air will smell sweeter with the lily around it will definitely add some charm to your office.

8. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen plant (aglaonema) in golden flower pot on dark rustic wooden background. Green tropical houseplant, home decoration | best indoor plants

This plant is similar to the spider plant in appearance, but it has more leaves and one species of this plant has both red and green in its leaves. The Chinese Evergreen is known to remove toxins in the air, making for fresher air. Additionally, it requires little water and sunlight.

9. Bamboo Plant

Composition with bamboo in glass bowl on wooden table | plants that detoxify the air

The bamboo plant certainly looks beautiful with its stalks of tiny green leaves sprouting from the top. This plant is healthier when its leaves are a darker green. This gives you a signal when the plant may need some care. There are quite a variety of bamboo plants ranging from small to large sizes. The large size will surely cover up more of the office, making you feel like you are outside.

10. Spider plant

Beautiful Spider Plant hanging from a Ceramic planter | desk plants

The spider plant is different from the snake plant in the sense that its fronds can fall over the side of the pot it’s in, much like a spider. The plant has a light and dark green in it and it has the versatility of also looking great as a hanging plant if you don’t have the space on your desk for it.

How to Pick the Right Plant

It may be difficult to choose one plant over another, but remember that you can maybe pick more than one if you think you have space for it. Plants are a wonderful way to get some fresh air in a dull and stuffy office space, so consider getting yourself one of these office plants sometime soon.

Optimally, you will want to invest in a plant that is well suited for an office environment: you want a plant that thrives with little water, natural light and is small enough to fit in your office area. In an otherwise industrial office setting, having a plant will add a bit of nature to your workspace and give you a sense of life.

Do you own an office plant? How do you take care of them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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