11 Foods To Boost Your Penis Health

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Boost your penis health with good practices, proper hygiene, and delicious food – plenty of it. These will keep you satisfied past dessert.

More and more evidences show that food may actually be beneficial to penis health. Whether you want to prevent erectile dysfunction (ED), get a normal erection, or just maintain a healthy penis, introduce these superfoods into your diet.

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Best Foods for Penis Health for Men of All Ages

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1. Vitamin-C Rich Fruits for an Overall Healthy Penis

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Vitamin C may prove to be the trifecta of penis health, keeping you healthy, fertile, and protected. It's widely accepted that vitamin C helps to protect spermatogenesis, sperm integrity, and fertility in men.

Hyperglycemia, an indicator for diabetes, could cause sexual dysfunction in men. Diabetes may result to changes in the male reproductive system including:

  • decrease in body and male organ weight
  • oligospermia (low sperm count)
  • lower fertility
  • decreased testosterone levels
  • decreased spermatogenesis (sperm production)
  • testicular damage

One animal study shows that vitamin C was able to lower the oxidative stress levels, lower the number of abnormal sperm, increase testosterone levels, and increased the diameter of the seminiferous tubule.

Another animal study shows the same results. The researchers found that the antioxidant properties and the ability of vitamin C to increase testosterone levels may have improved stress-induced infertility in male rats.

Men over the age of 19 years of age are recommended to consume 90mg of vitamin C daily. Because our body can't store vitamin C, make sure to get your dose everyday.

Half a cup of sweet, raw red peppers will get you 106% of your daily recommended value, while just 3/4 of orange juice will give you 103%.

2. Caffeine to Lower Risk of ED

happy coffee | food for a healthy penis


Your morning cup of joe can get you up in the morning in more ways than one.

A 2001-2002 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that made that drank two to three cups of coffee were less likely to have ED. This was true for men that are hypertensive and overweight or obese, but not with those with diabetes.

Caffeine helps relax smooth muscles like those in the penis and could improve blood flow, both of which are crucial for a normal erection.

3. Goji Berries for a Thriving Sex Life

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Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are a traditional Chinese medicine for sexual dysfunction and infertility. But could the ancient berry have modern benefits? Science seems to think so.

One study found that after 21 days, rats that have been taking goji berries showed improved copulation performance and efficiency. What's more, even their ejaculation frequency and latency improved.

This could mean that adding goji berries into your regular diet could lead to better success and performance in bed.

4. Chicken Breast for Complete Penis Health

barbecue bbq beef chicken | best food for penis

Chicken breast contains a trifecta of penis-supporting minerals – L-carnitine, L-arginine, and niacin. Together, they could prevent erectile dysfunction and give you a satisfying erection each time.

Nitric oxide (NO) improves blood flow in the body and plays a key role in achieving erections. It gets the blood flowing through all the vessels including those that go to the penis, giving you an erection.

Both L-arginine and L-carnitine are amino acids that convert to NO in the body.

Niacin alone, according to studies, may improve erections in men with ED or dyslipidemia.

Another study tested the effects of the three minerals in the sexual performance of 54 men. The researchers found that in 40% of the cases, erections have improved with 77% of the subjects reporting a partial response.

5. Pomegranate for Healthy Blood Flow

red pomegranate seeds | food for the penis

Pomegranate juice, rich in antioxidants, could be the breakfast juice that'll keep you going until dessert.

A 2007 study published by the International Journal of Impotence Research found that the antioxidants in the juice could help improve blood flow.

The antioxidants found in pomegranate juice increase the bioavailability of NO in the body. As we know by this point, NO is the key principal factor for getting blood flow into the penis.

In fact, more and more research shows suggest that we should look into increasing NO production for a healthy heart and erectile function.

Add two to four ounces of your pomegranate concentrate with your water or another juice. This juice may help refresh you in more ways than one.

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6. Capsaicin for an Spicy Sex Life and Overall Penis Health

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Capsaicin, according to science, could add spice to your dinner plate and your sex life.

A study with 114 men found that hot sauce could increase testosterone levels.

The capsaicin in your favorite spicy dishes also release endorphins that give you a high and could boost your sex drive.

Some like it hot – and you just might be sweating all night with this spicy addition to your diet.

7. Oysters as Nature's Aphrodisiacs

muscles food | penis food

Everyone knows that oysters are nature's aphrodisiacs, and science seems to agree.

Oysters may increase testosterone levels and even prevent age-related androgen deficiency.

One study found that medium doses of oysters might be able to reverse the negative effects of cyclophosphamide on male hormones.

Another study found that on top of boosting testosterone levels, it may also stimulate NO production.

This shows that oysters may help give you normal and healthy erections now and well into old age.

8. Red Wine Before Bed to Boost Your Performance in Bed

wine glass with red wine | food for the penis

If you must have alcohol to pair with your meal, make it red.

Resveratrol, found in red wine, may improve sperm quality and testosterone levels.

What's more, a large, long-term study found that flavonoids may also lower your risk of ED.

One glass a day could be good for both the heart and romance. But be careful when downing a glass at night. Alcohol has a sedative effect, possibly getting in the way of your romance.

Schedule your wine tasting date during lunchtime so you can enjoy dessert after dinner later on.

9. Protective Tomatoes for Healthy Swimmers and Overall Penis Health

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Tomatoes are the sweeping penis health and fertility champion. Here's a different cup of red if you're not into alcohol.

The lycopene in tomato juice may help improve sperm motility in infertile men.

An animal study backs this up, testing the effect of tomatoes on mice exposed to thirdhand smoke. The study showed that thirdhand smoke could lead to lower sperm count, quality, and motility. But these effects may be reversed by drinking tomato juice regularly.

Lycopene may also protect you from prostate cancer.

Here's a tasty homemade tomato paste recipe to jumpstart your swimmers and culinary skills.

10. Wild Oats for a Thriving Sex Drive

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Here's a healthful that brings a whole new definition to breakfast in bed. Oats, though known to be a bland food, can also add spice to your bedroom.

It's a known aphrodisiac that may amp up your sex drive. Oats also contain l-arginine, which we know by now plays a role in getting you erect.

They're also super healthy, nutritious, and are great for heart health and weight loss.

Here’s an infographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

56 Foods To Boost Penis Health scaled

If low testosterone levels are getting in the way of your sex life, then these foods might help.

Heart attack and diabetes are also risk factors for ED. Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your body in top condition could also translate to a healthy penis.

Obesity may not only weigh in on your scale but also your sex life. It may cause damage to your blood vessels, which is key to a normal erection, and could decrease your testosterone levels.

Fortunately, the foods listed may also be great for those on a weight loss journey. And they don't skimp out on your taste buds either.

Watch this video to learn how you can increase male sex hormones through superfoods:

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