Prostate Massage | Everything You Need To Know

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A prostate massage is when you massage or stimulate the prostate gland, believed to help relieve certain illnesses. But does science agree?

While scientists and urologists continue to look for answers, here's what we know so far.

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Prostate Massages, in a Nutshell, | What All Men Need to Know

What Is the Prostate Gland

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Prostate, in Greek, means “one who stands before.” This describes its position relative to the bladder. It's located below the bladder and directly behind the rectum. This makes the gland accessible through the rectum.

The prostate gland is commonly compared to the size of a walnut or chestnut. It weighs around an ounce.

The prostate gland produces and stores the fluid that forms part of semen. During ejaculation, the muscles inside and surrounding the gland pump out the fluids. It then combines with fluids from other glands and sperm cells to create semen in the urethra as it is expelled.

As you age, the prostate grows in size, called benign prostatic hyperplasia in medicine. It is common in men over 50 years of age. Because it sits adjacent to the bladder, it may cause some urinary issues in males.

What Happens During a Prostate Massage

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During a prostate massage, a doctor or therapeutic professional will insert a finger into your rectum and massage or stimulate your prostate gland.

The professional doing the massage will be wearing gloves with lubricant on the fingertip. This will help make it easier to enter through the rectum.


This is similar to a digital rectal exam (DRE) as part of a standard checkup procedure for aging males. The objective of DREs is to check for symptoms of infection, inflammation, or other male-related illnesses.

A DRE lasts only for a few seconds, while the duration of a prostate massage will last minutes depending on the doctor or professional. The frequency of the massage will also depend on your treatment program. Your attending physician will conduct the DRE once yearly during the annual physical exam.

It isn't a painful procedure, but can understandably cause some discomfort. It's better to relax your muscles throughout the whole process. If you do experience pain during the prostate massage, let your doctor know immediately.

Health Tip: Men 40 years and above are highly advised to make regular visits to the doctor.

What Are the Benefits of a Prostate Massage

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Studies on the topic are largely anecdotal, inconclusive, uncontrolled, or have too small sample sizes. Many health professionals in North America stopped prescribing prostate massages in the 60s. With conflicting results, it is difficult to say if a prostate massage carries any health benefits at all.

There are those that believe that stimulating the prostate will help clear the drainage in the ducts and the prostate itself. Some claim that this may help relieve some symptoms.

These are the male conditions that some believe prostate massages help cure.


Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland. It is a bacterial infection and depending on the type of prostatitis, could heal quickly or even last years. Today there are oral medication and medical procedures that you can take to treat this. Doctors no longer subscribe to prostate massages to treat prostatitis.

According to a 2018 study, prostate massages do not help in decreasing symptoms of prostatitis.

Difficulty Urinating

As discussed earlier, the prostate gland grows in size as you age. This size may cause a blockage in the urinary tract, making it difficult to urinate. Symptoms include frequent urination, difficulty urinating, a weak stream, or inability to control the bladder.

It's a natural condition in aging men. Fortunately, there are medications that can help relieve this condition.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is when a man finds it difficult to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Today there are a number of medical options to treat this. This includes oral medication, procedures, or medical apparatus and implants.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. Do not take this as medical advice.

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Are There Risks in Getting a Prostate Massage

Keep in mind that prostate massages are understudied and medical practitioners do not recommend it. It hasn't been practiced in decades as there are no documented or proven benefits. Urologists now have more tools and techniques in their arsenal to treat conditions that prostate massages are believed to cure.

Performing a prostate massage too frequently could possibly cause injury to surrounding organs. If done wrong, it may also worsen an inflamed prostate or spread an infection.

Experts recommend against performing prostate massages on patients suspected of having prostatitis. As it is a bacterial infection, a prostate massage may worsen it.

A prostate massage may be used for sexual stimulation or to intensify an orgasm, but it is not a doctor-recommended form of therapy. Doctor-prescribed medicine must remain our first line of defense against illnesses.

What to Do Before a Prostate Massage

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If you want to try getting a prostate massage to help relieve some conditions, ask your physician to recommend a trained and licensed practitioner.

Some prostate massages may make use of tools. Make sure that whoever will be carrying out the massage is well-trained using these tools.

You may also call your insurance company. They are likely to have a list of recommended clinics and may even shoulder the cost of the procedure.

If you would like to perform the massage yourself, there are steps you can take to make it as safe as possible.

  1. Trim your nails to prevent scratching the rectal lining.
  2. Wash your hands prior to the massage.
  3. Wear latex gloves.
  4. Apply liberal portions of lubricant all over your gloved fingers.
  5. Wash your hands again after the prostate massage.

If at any time you feel pain, stop the massage immediately and visit your doctor or a urologist.

The Crux of Prostate Massages

You may perform prostate massages for your sexual pleasure, but first, make sure that you and your partner are clean and healthy.

The massage may have been popular because it's a less invasive procedure. Keep in mind, however, that the area is extremely sensitive. As mentioned, have only trained and licensed practitioners perform the massage.

With the advancement of medicine and technology, there are more medically accepted treatments than prostate massages.

Ultimately, the one and only first line of defense for illnesses or conditions is a medication prescribed by a doctor after a proper diagnosis.


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