6 Reasons We Are Still Not Rid Of This Virus Despite Vaccinations!

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Vaccinations | Many believe we have experienced in the past few years a set of circumstances and events, unlike anything we've witnessed in recent times!

Unrest around the world as well as within this nation is at potentially dangerous levels! In the United States, the degree of partisan politics and polarization is the highest in at least many decades, etc!

This became perhaps even – more obviously because of the worldwide horrific pandemic of the past year – and – a – half!

While some political leaders and their supporters resorted to a combination of denials (calling it a hoax and/ or, blaming and complaining) wouldn't we have been better – off paying more attention to the experts, scientists, and public health professionals, despite the over – 600,000 deaths from the virus (within the U.S.) and tens of millions of cases too many still refuse to cooperate for the greater good!

Although, when he was President Donald Trump created a program to help expedite creating a vaccine far – too many of his supporters refuse to get vaccinated (as they also refused previously to wear a mask, and/ or use social distancing/ spacing)!

With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider examine review, and discuss 6 reasons we're still not rid of this virus despite the availability of excellent vaccines.

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6 Reasons We Are Still Not Rid Of This Virus Despite Vaccinations


1. Conspiracy theories: How many more times, will we hear some, absurd, conspiracy theory, used by those, who won't consider, being vaccinated? They believe theories, such as, implanting chips, impacting reproductive health, etc, and, refuse to consider, the advice and suggestions of the professionals, and experts! After, all, this time, some still call it a hoax!

2. Refusal to vaccinate: Public health experts tell us, the best way, to beat this virus, is, to achieve, what is referred to, as Herd Immunity, which is achieved, when a high level of people, are fully vaccinated. Since, in recent days, and with new variants, especially, the Delta, over 95% of those hospitalized, and dying, have not taken the shot, this refusal harms all of us, and the overall recovery, etc!

3. Wearing a mask, and social spacing: Since, this virus, is an airborne one, wearing a mask, provides significant protection, as well, as attempting to maintain one's distance! Yet, too many, say, doing so, opposes this, supposed – violation of their freedoms!

4. Selfish and ignorant: Those, refusing to cooperate, are, not, merely, harming/ risking their personal health, but that, of the rest of society! This selfish, ignorant behavior, harms the overall recovery, and returns to a semblance, of normal!


5. Variants: If a greater percentage of individuals, were vaccinated, the danger, from variants, would be, significantly, minimized! The virus' ability to morph, into variants, would be reduced, because, it would have no place, to go!

6. “It won't affect me!”: Falsely, believing, they are safe, because, the virus won't affect them, or there is little risk, are, today's, most – common, infected!

Wake up, America, and work together, to get rid of this horrific virus, and pandemic! It's up to each of us!

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