DetoxPod 72: Brian Rosenworcel Talks About Self Improvement [PODCAST]

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Brian Rosenworcel Talks About Self Improvement

Brian Rosenworcel, also known as the Thundergod, is the drummer for rock band Guster. Over the course of Guster's thirty years as an active unit, Brian has gained notoriety for not only his musicianship but his humorous and often quirky online presence as expressed on the band's road and studio journals.

This was actually our second stab at recording. Our first attempt got thwarted by noise, but the good thing is that Brian is such a great conversationalist that it didn't matter that we were performing a do-over on an already recorded podcast. Brian has a lot to share regarding parenting, politics, what it takes to keep a relationship going three decades in, his band's fan base and the qualities he'd like to improve about himself.

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