Sencha Green Tea and Its Benefits

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Sencha green tea is a traditional tea from Kyoto, Japan. Its leaves are described as needle-like and tightly rolled due to the process of steaming and drying.

The flavor of the Sencha green tea is said to have a seaweed-like bittersweet taste. The color of its liquor is green, which is unusual for those people who are used to yellow Chinese-style green tea.

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Sencha Green Tea and Its Benefits

Japanese green tea made from the older and larger leaves late in the season-Sencha Green Tea

Sencha's benefits include protection against tooth decay, enhanced immunity, protection against various diseases, and improved mental health. Its usefulness in the household is also one of its benefits.

Sencha tea is known to have fluoride, which strengthens the tooth enamel. It can also help reduce the formation of plaque and fight bacteria. These protect the teeth from cavities and later, tooth decay.

And because green tea can fight bacteria, it can also make the breath of a person fresh. Some tea aficionados believe that green tea can be consumed if toothpaste and a toothbrush are not available.

Reducing the risk of various diseases such as cancer and heart disease is also one of the green tea benefits. Several studies confirmed that green tea drinkers are less likely to have some cancers, such as skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, and stomach cancer.

However, its association with colorectal cancer and lung cancer is still controversial, as shown by conflicting results of studies. Some experts agree that drinking green tea also lessens the likelihood to develop heart disease.

This is because of the role of antioxidants present in certain tea, called catechins, in preventing the excess deposit of cholesterol in the blood vessels and in fighting free radicals.

Boosting the immune system is another of the numerous benefits. This is also attributed to antioxidants that are present. These catechins are said to be better than Vitamins C and E in terms of effectiveness in enhancing immunity.

Another benefit of the tea is that it aids in relaxation since it is often associated with meditation and yoga even in ancient times. However, it can also stimulate the mind without being anxious or hyperactive. It also contains caffeine, a known stimulant.


Aside from these health benefits, tea may also be used in other ways at home. One of the great benefits is its use in cleaning as well as cooking.

Also, green tea may be used to water the plants, while its leaves can be used to make a litter box smelling fresh.

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