3 Tips For A Healthy Sex Life After 40

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Studies show that men are 40% more likely to experience a midlife crisis, affecting many aspects of their lives and sex after 40 years is one of them.

Here is a detailed overview of sex after 40 with tips on how to keep it healthy.

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3 Surefire Tips for a Fulfilling Sex Life After 40


How Is Sex Drive Different for Women and Men in Their 40s

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Studies also show that, unlike men whose sex drive is affected by midlife crisis, women over 40 years are more satisfied with their sex life. Up to 70% of women in this age bracket reach orgasm.

This is because women’s sex drive peaks towards menopause and, in some cases, is even higher than in the 20s.

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What Other Factors Affect Sex Drive in Men Over 40 Years

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Besides midlife crisis, several other factors get in the way of having a healthy and fulfilling sex life when in your 40s. These include:

  • Exhaustion: Between running errands all day and working, in some cases several shifts or more than one job, most people are exhausted, stressed. And they would rather be sleeping instead.
    While this is a factor that directly affects your sex life, it is also understandable. It only makes sense that you are tired after a day of working.
  • Lack of interest: This mainly affects men in long-term relationships. In long-term relationships or marriages, couples go through ups and downs that lead to the connection between you and your partner fading.
    Similarly, people in long-term marriages or relationships get too comfortable with each other that they stop trying to spice things up. This boredom leads to the disinterest that directly affects the nature of sex in your relationships.
    Though it is human nature to relax once you have what you want, it is an understated factor that is usually ignored.
  • Little time: This is especially so for parents with younger children. Between working and taking care of the children, you have little time for yourself, let alone an intimate moment with your spouse.
    After running around all day taking care of everything else, you are left with little to no time for anything intimate with your partner.
    Figurative, you commit the crumbs of your time to your sex life instead of prioritizing it and allocating much more time.

What Are the 3 Tips for Great Sex After 40

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Now that you know what stands between you and the healthy sex life you once had, here are foolproof tips on how to have great sex in your 40s :


Identify Your Energizers

Here, you need to identify the one thing that energizes you all other factors in your life constant as far are work and responsibilities go. This could either be:

  • Physically: This may include working out and other physical hobbies like swimming, gardening, yoga, running, or even walking. It doesn’t have to be anything significant.
  • Mentally: This can either be intellectually like reading a great book or watching a good romantic movie.
  • Spiritually: Here, you can focus on what feed your spirituality. It could be anything, including reading the Bible.
  • Socially: What social activities leave you feeling energized? Something as simple as hanging out with your friends is enough.

Set a Sex Goal

Similar to other life's aspects, you also need to set sex goals. Start with at least once a week minimum. And gradually aim at having sex several times a week.

Different couples have different sex patterns. However, starting with a minimum of once a week, you can easily progress as many times as you can. The only difference is that it might take longer for some couples than others.

Prioritize Your Partner Over Your Kids

After several years of marriage, it is easy to lose focus on the priority between your spouse and kids. Prioritizing your partner is, therefore, a step towards bettering your sex life.

Besides making your spouse feel wanted, seen, and appreciated, it also communicates to your children that she is your priority.

Watch this video below for more information about better sex life for people over 40:

There you have it. You might not have control of when and how long a midlife crisis could affect you.  However, you now have the necessary information to keep your sex drive afloat, which will lead to healthier sex life.

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