Enjoying Sex For Men Over 50 | Changes In Male’s Sexuality

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When it comes to sex over 50, most men in this age bracket seem to focus on erections. More specifically, the ability to attain and maintain an erection.

However, according to certified sex and relationships experts, sex for men over 50 changes in other ways besides the higher likelihood of dealing with erectile dysfunction.

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Insightful Pointers on How to Enjoy Sex Over 50

How Does Men’s Sexuality Change Above the 50-Year Bracket

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Before you proceed to learn the ways to enjoying sex life, it's important to set your expectations first.

Coincidentally, this is the point in your life when you will most likely experience a midlife crisis. For some men, the insecurities peak when they notice that their bodies, hair, and erections are gradually dwindling. So more than the physical appearance, you could be dealing with psychological issues as well.

Your masculinity and virility start to change. However, it is not all doom, as you can still have a fulfilling sex life even in your 50s.

Essentially, you just need to learn to adapt to the sexual process changes in this age bracket in order for you to enjoy sex.

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What are the Changes You Should Expect

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1. You begin to feel closer to your partner

The common stereotype of men being distant after sex is biological. While women have the same oxytocin levels – the love hormone responsible for bonding couples, men have more testosterone. This is responsible for the hormonal shift in men.


However, testosterone levels start to drop during the 40s and even more so in the 50s. Since their oxytocin levels the same throughout, men in their 50s tend to attach more emotionally to their partners after sex. It is a complete shift in how men have previously felt after sex.

A 2012 study showed that men who received daily oxytocin nasal sprays were more likely to stay away from attractive women and avoid romantic signals. This is contrary to what was seen of younger sexually driven men.

2. Men Become More Open to Expressing Their Sexuality in Different Ways

Women are more open expressive about their sexual fantasies. It goes beyond the mechanics of sex to exploring different scenarios and ways to express intimacy.

Luckily, this also happens to older men. According to Dr. Joe Cort, men discover that they have fluidity with what they want sexually. Since erections don’t always work, men in their 50s have to find new ways to be sexual. They become more open to doing adventurous sexual acts in search of diversity.

Studies reveal that men become more vocal about their sexual fantasies in this age bracket and begin to broaden their ideas on what turns them on. This entails being open-minds and considering things they would never have before because they become more aware of their and partner’s sexual needs.

3. Men Become Driven by Fear

When men hit 50, the desire for a new younger model of themselves becomes overly intriguing. As they realize that death is closer than before, men are overwhelmed by the desire to leave a legacy – a piece of themselves behind.

As a result, they start finding younger partners with the potential to bear children. Just like women have a biologically ticking time clock, men also realize that time is running out. This fear drives them to act impulsively and desperately.

At this point, men desire the ideal and don’t realize that it has been right in front of them this whole time.

Sex is not only for younger people, men and women in their 50s should also enjoy it. Check out this video below for more info:

The idea of greener grass on the other side turns out to be a wasteland. The truth is men, despite the aging flaws, women still love you and are attracted to what’s inside versus the outside.

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