Beware the One-Trick Clinic: Dr. Mistry Warns Listeners About “Specialty” Treatment Clinics [PODCAST]

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Beware the One-Trick Clinic: Dr. Mistry Warns Listeners About “Specialty” Treatment Clinics

Thanks for tuning in to the Armor Men’s Health Hour Podcast today, where we bring you the latest and greatest in urology care and the best urology humor out there.

In this segment, Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee answer a question for a listener who developed a hydrocele after receiving shockwave treatment for ED at a shockwave clinic. A hydrocele is a fluid sac that forms around the testicle, often giving affected men the appearance of having one big testicle. These are not uncommon in older men and can be repaired by urologists; however, it is unlikely that the shockwave treatment administered in this case was the cause of the patient developing a hydrocele. Dr. Mistry reminds listeners that clinics which only offer one treatment use that treatment for every problem…even when it won't work on a particular patient or can't possibly address the patient's problem. While shockwave or “spark wave” treatment is very successful in treating ED in lots of men, there are circumstances which make a patient unlikely to benefit from it. If you've completely lost the ability to achieve an erection, or are impotent after a radical prostatectomy, you aren't an ideal candidate for this procedure. That is why going to a trusted and holistic urology practice where your health and wellness are the focus of treatment (not selling a particular treatment or product) is crucial to obtaining the best results. At NAU Urology Specialists, patients with ED are thoroughly evaluated before the best treatment options are identified. We also offer reasonable pricing on our therapies at often a fraction of what some clinics charge. If you or a loved on are experiencing symptoms of ED, please give us a call today!

Dr. Mistry is a board-certified urologist and has been treating patients in the Austin and Greater Williamson County area since he started his private practice in 2007.

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