How To Stay Motivated And Reach Your Goals

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How to stay motivated to reach your goal? Every individual has different goals in life, it may be a long-term goal or a short-term goal, we all have one.

At times it can be overwhelming to think about your goals so let this simple guide help you achieve your goals by keeping you motivated.

Simple Ways To Stay Motivated To You Reach Your Goals

1. Set Your Goal

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Goals should always be obtainable whatever your age may be. When teaching young people, the first thing a teacher does for each student is to make sure goals are within their zone of proximity. What this means is that the goal is not so high the student gets discouraged by a seemingly impossible reach. On the flip side, they ensure the goal is not so easy the student is bored.

A goal should be just high enough to keep a person engaged and striving to reach the top. Not impossible, but not a breeze either. A goal should be a challenge, but not a drudge.

Being able to stay motivated is a crucial step in reaching any goal. It’s the key to results. How do we do that? What are some ways to keep the motivation going long enough to reach our goals?

2. Break Down the Goal into Smaller Bites

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Instead of saying, “I’m going to Marie Kondo my entire house,” how about taking one room at a time or a drawer or closet at a time.

For example, if you want to reorganize the kitchen, start with one drawer. Maybe do one per day. Find some great organizers at the Dollar Tree or the dollar section at a local retailer and have fun!

3. Work with a Buddy

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Research shows when a person is carrying a load up a hill with a friend, the person is able to keep a steady pace. If the friend is just walking beside him or her, the person is still able to keep a steady pace.

However, if the person walks alone, the pace is slower and the person carrying the load by themselves usually stops often. The point being made is that any task is lighter when shared with a friend or a family member. The same is true with our goals. If we can find a buddy or a good friend who shares some of the same goals to offer encouragement or accountability, it will help our results.


Additionally, it can be a great way to bond with your family members.

4. Get Organized

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Write down your goals and break them down into steps on paper. Organize your thoughts on paper. Prioritize your goals. Break down your time frame into a reasonable limit that you believe is possible.

Do not set yourself up for failure. This is where a good friend, spouse, or even a therapist comes in to help. Double-check that your goals and time frames are realistic. Often in our zest, we get over-ambitious and set ourselves up for failure before we even start.

5. Make Sure Your Goals Are Goals You Can Own

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The goals you make need to be goals you are personally excited to make. Don’t do it for anyone but yourself or because other people think you should. These goals need to be because you are excited about the end result. Be sure your goals are tailored to you, by you, and for you.

6. Keep Your Eye on the Finish Line

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Try not to be discouraged if you slip up or have things happen that are beyond your control. You might find you move forward 3 steps and go back 2. This is normal, and you should have the mindset that it will happen.

Keep at it and remember to stay focused on the end result. Sally Field was told by her first agent she didn’t have much talent. Her reply, “You’re fired.” You will have setbacks. We all do. Keep moving forward.

7. Failing Should Not Demotivate You

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There will be times that you'll experience failure. That's simply how life is but that's not to say that you need to stop and feel demotivated. In fact, it should be a reason to keep you motivated to achieve your goals. Use your failure as a motivation to be better.

Having goals will make us feel better. Another strategy to try is to set a daily goal. These are mini-goals. Mini goals get you in the habit of reaching goals on a smaller scale. If you can reach a daily goal, it encourages your progress. Try to set one goal tomorrow and see what happens to your self-esteem when you make it. You will be on the road to stay motivated and reach your goals!

How do you motivate yourself? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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