19 Things Women Over 50 Need To Start Doing

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Turn a new leaf in the next chapter of your life, it's the beginning of the golden age for women over 50. You've accumulated a wealth of wisdom and experience, but there are still things you need to know. Specifically, there are 19 things you need to start doing.

Welcome to your most blissful decade yet.

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Things Women Over 50 Need to Add to Their to Do List Today


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1. Embrace and Adapt to Change

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The only thing you can't change is the fact that things change, it's inevitable and you must be adaptable. Don't fear change – embrace it.

Whether it's confusing new technology or the gray hairs you saw in the mirror this morning, women over 50 must learn to greet them with a smile. You can either watch the world around you change or you can change along with it.

Maintain a positive outlook in life however many lemons it throws at you. Better yet, positivity is contagious – pass it on.

2. Can Quit Waiting

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Do what makes you happy now rather than waiting for the right opportunity or timing. Create your own opportunities that will lead to the things that will make you happier, fulfilled.

At this stage, you no longer need to ask permission to try something new or explore a new passion. Hold your head up high and go for it.

3. Women Over 50 Must Trust Themselves

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Women over 50 have accumulated years of experience and wisdom – let alone blood, sweat, and tears – on your belt, perhaps all you're lacking is confidence.


Trust in your own abilities and intelligence to chase after your dream.

4. Evaluate What Really Matters

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Whether it's your career, family, friends, or love, prioritize the things that matter most to you and keep them close. Maybe clock in more hours at the family table than the office if your family tops the list. Be more proactive in your career if this is what leads to a happier and more fulfilled you.

You've worked hard all your life – it's time to savor and cherish the things you've worked towards and the things that really matters. If an aspect of your life doesn't even rank in the list, drop it, and redirect your time and energy elsewhere.

5. Spend Time With Family and Friends

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Money can't buy you happiness, but investing time and effort in your family and friend will make you happier than a weighty wallet. 

Create irreplaceable and valuable memories with your family and friends by going on vacations or scheduling a family dinner once a week. This will give you catch-up and will remind you why you've been working so hard all these years in the first place.

6. Stop Caring What Others Think

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Write down a list of people that truly matter to you – these are the only opinions that will matter from now on. Not on the list? Brush it off.

Most of all, practice listening to your own voice and happiness. Don't let anyone tell you that something doesn't suit you or is too old for you. Nothing ages you more than a closed mind.

7. Women Over 50 Are Allowed to Choose Themselves

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You've raised a loving family and successfully maintained invaluable friendships over 50 years – it's your turn. Your tenure at the head of the boardroom has left you little time for yourself, it's high time to manage and prioritize your own happiness and mental health. Women over 50 no longer need to ask permission and must instead decide for themselves what's best for them.

It's okay to take time for yourself, for some self-care and self-love. It's not selfish.


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8. Forget Dressing and Acting Your Age

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Women over 50 haircuts this, women over 50 fashion that, your style is your signature. Don't let anyone hamper your self-expression, put you in a box, and tell you how to dress.

Dye your hair and hop on the latest trends – they're not just for the trendy. You're as chic and sophisticated as you want to be, and that newfound confidence will help you wear your new look well.

9. Embrace Your New Decade Hair

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Let your silver locks flow, it's a symbol of your wisdom and elegance. 

Gray hair is inevitable for women and over 50 and there's no shame in seeing them in the mirror. Let's instead celebrate this evidence of a long life well-lived. I've turned my own silver strands into a platinum crown and it makes me feel like royalty.


Women Over 50 | Skin Care

10. Use Anti-Aging Skin Care

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As women age, we may produce less collagen and our skin starts to thin out, producing less collagen which is what keeps our skin plump. Consider reaching for ingredients that contain collagen, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. These are skin-loving and -building ingredients that may potentially help hydrate and firm our skin.

No one will be able to tell you're a day over 50.

11. Befriend Retinol

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Retinol is a well-loved anti-aging ingredient, found in many creams and serums for aging skin. It works as a stimulant for collagen production and cell turnover, leaving us with renewed and plump skin! Of all skincare agents and ingredients, retinol is the most widely and extensively researched. 

Begin with retinol in small dosages, giving your skin time to get used to the vitamin A derivative. Your body first needs to build a tolerance to it before you begin to benefit from it.

Tip: It will take weeks or months before you begin to see results depending on dosage and usage, but don't get impatient. The wait will be worth it!

12. Hydrate Topically and Internally

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Our bodies stop producing hyaluronic acid once we hit our 30s, so we have to compensate by drinking enough water daily and applying hyaluronic acid topically.

Our daily glass of water works to hydrate our body and skin, while the hyaluronic acid works like a sponge to lock in moisture. This may help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

13. Sunscreen Isn't Just for the Beach

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On the cellular level, UV rays from the sun penetrate deep into our skin layers, damaging skin cells. What this looks like on the outside is premature signs of aging, fine lines growing more visible, and hyperpigmentation. With our skin thinning as we age, it will require extra care and sunscreen is a crucial step in our skincare routine.

Protect your skin with a generous layer of sunscreen on your face and an ounce of sunscreen on your body. For the ladies who like five-minute routines, reach for a tinted moisturizer that can double as a foundation.

14. Introduce a Gua Shua to Your Nightly Routine

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Massage your facial muscles with a gua shua, which may help tone your muscles, drain fluids, and stimulate collagen production. On top, this may help relieve tense muscles, bloating so you can look your absolute best.

Tip: Cool your massaging tool in the fridge five minutes before use for a cooling and soothing massage.

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15. Eat Healthier

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Keep your plate colorful, with a mix of purple, white, red, and green veggies and nutritious food. We're at that age where we no longer need to be told to eat our vegetables, but a kind and a helpful reminder is called for from time to time.

16. Have Brunch With the Girls

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Studies show that high amounts of social activity may potentially result in better cognitive function for mature men and women. The next time one of your friends plans a brunch or a relative calls for a family reunion, go for it! 

17. Live Healthier

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It's not too late to get fit and active! Invite your friends to an exhilarating Zumba session or invite your loved ones to take a meaningful stroll around the park. Get those bones and muscles moving and relieve dent on your couch.

18. Take Vitamins

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Add another splash of milk to your coffee or tea and down it with your vitamin supplements. Supplements may help replenish nutrients are bodies no longer produce and keep our bodies strong and in good condition.

The 50-year-old female body also absorbs much-needed calcium less, so get your daily dose of vitamin D.

19. Golden Rule for Women Over 50: Visit Your Doctor Regularly

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I'm afraid not even a bushel of apples a day will no longer keep the doctor away, schedule a regular visit with your doctor once yearly. A routine checkup is important for women over 40 to make sure we're healthy since we're more prone to illnesses and age-related diseases. Your doctor will also be able to recommend supplements or other steps to lead a healthier life.

Fifty is the new 30! Don't lose your vitality zest for life, instead treat this new decade as the decade of you coming to your own.

Our bodies will change and so can our mindset – for the better. Keep these nineteen things in mind and who knows these might be your best years yet. 

How about you, what did you start doing when you hit the golden age? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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