10 Great Travel Destinations For After You Retire

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From work trips to vacation spots—time to plan your retirement. Here are the top travel destinations to kick off your golden years.

Whether you are looking to relax, explore, or wine and dine, continue scrolling for the best travel ideas for every season.

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Best Vacation Spots for Retirement Travel

Best Travel Destinations | Spring

1. Miami Beach, Florida

miami beach florida usa on ocean | places to visit

Bask in the warmth of and sun in the Sunshine State. The culture, food scene, art, and friendly faces are just as bright.

Do as the locals do. Avail a tour package from local tour guides who can bring you to the heart of Miami Beach. Fill your belly with beer tastings and hidden gem taco restaurants.

Miami Beach also has a thriving art culture and museums with guides to walk you through them.

Local guides offer quick walking tours and whole-day tours, so your schedule can stay as organized or as flexible as you like. But if you are not fond of tour groups or moving about too much, the Sunshine State offers many opportunities for rest and relaxation.

Of course, you cannot miss out on the long stretches of beach and sand in Miami, Florida. Lay in the sand in this tropical oasis in the morning, then cool down with a stroll in one of the many botanical gardens.

And did you know that Florida is also one of the best places to retire? Tax policies are senior-friendly, and you can live close to the beach on a budget.

2. Japan

himeji japan castle spring season | best travel destinations



The land of the rising sun offers a wide range of activities. From shopping sprees, cultural experiences to nature trips, the country has it all. A spring trip to this foreign land could be a healing journey and a relaxing way to kick off your retirement vacation.

Japan is known for cherry blossoms, called sakura in Japan, which bloom for a few days during the springtime. Catch the canopy of pink between late March to early April.

Get a glimpse of their history by visiting historic sites, museums, shrines, and castles. Enjoy their architecture, traditional theater, and festivals to witness their history in the making.

If you enjoy the peace and quiet and the healing power of nature, go on a nature hike or take a dip in an onsen. An onsen is a hot spring bath located in mountain resorts and lush valleys.

But if you enjoy city life, Tokyo is a bustling city that caters to food lovers and backpackers alike. And if the kids are tagging along, you can stop by Tokyo Disney Sea.

If you missed out on the cherry blossoms in Japan, then you may have better luck in the country below.

3. South Korea

traffic night gangnam city seoul south | top travel destinations

Much like Japan, Korea is a hot spot for history buffs and serial shoppers.

Explore ancient castles and historical landmarks in the heart of the city. Or travel further to explore the ancient capital, where you can find an old village and see how they lived long ago.

Join the locals on a picnic along the Han river. Snack on tasty foods like rice cakes and fish cakes you can buy from the many food stalls scattered across the city.

Jeju island is one of the best vacation destinations even to the locals. The island is a plane ride away and is home to a few premier botanical gardens and public parks. Watch the sunrise on a mountain peak, then sunbathe by the beach.

Best Travel Destinations | Summer

4. California State Route 1

pacific coast highway 1 southern end | places to visit

Also known as California Pacific Coast Highway, the route begins in California and leads to San Francisco, which also boasts a beautiful coastline. If you want a scenic view, start your trip in Los Angeles and drive up to San Francisco.

The Big Sur Coast is a beautiful 90-mile stretch of coastline with beautiful beaches. There are many beaches and public parks in Big Sur, and you can plan your trips around them. You can go surfing, fishing, or camp at the Plaskett Creek camping grounds. Big Sur Coast is one of the breathtaking travel destinations as it is a heavenly drive.

5. The Last Frontier, Alaska

anchorage alaska skyline winter dusk chugach | vacation spots

Alaska is an ideal travel destination for those that want to be surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Hike and explore mountain ranges along with the bald eagles, or row a boat among sea otters and whales. Whether you like to be on your feet, a seat on a cruise, or walking through charming Alaskan towns, the last frontier has something for everyone.

Join an Alaskan cruise where you may find the most picturesque scenes of snow, mountain ranges, and wildlife. And you never have to leave the comfort of the ship.

6. Hawaii

waikiki beach diamond head honolulu oahu | vacation destinations

Lounge on the beach as the waves wash upon the shore or try the exhilarating activities that the island has to offer. Being a tropical island, Hawaii is one of the best travel destinations year-round. The warm weather provides the perfect opportunity to hike, cliff dive, or learn how to surf.

While there are virtually no seasons in Hawaii, it does experience rainy and dry weather. But during the summer, rain and rough waves are scarce. You can enjoy the sea whether on your floaties or a surfboard.

On the beaches, you can go snorkeling, paddle boarding, and whale watching. Explore Hawaii in style with a romantic sunset cruise, a helicopter ride, or on horseback. End the day at a luau, where you get to wear a lei around your neck and sip on a refreshing mai tai.

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Best Travel Destinations | Autumn

7. New Zealand

queenstown dining | retirement vacation


If you're not prepared to face the biting cold of fall and winter, get a bit more sunlight in New Zealand. The meteorological seasons are opposite in this country, making it the perfect summer escape.

New Zealand, with sprawling forests, majestic mountain ranges and volcanos, sandy beaches, and charming towns, offers tourists and locals many activities, entertainment, and recreation. The country offers a wide variety of new experiences, ranging from the extreme to the sedate.

Go skydiving, paragliding, hiking, bungee jumping, and other heart-thumping sports. Otherwise, go wine-tasting, visit the local shops, or take a stroll by the beach or lake.

Book worms would appreciate New Zealand through a different lens as it was home to a famous movie franchise—The Lord of the Rings. The Tongariro National Park houses Mount Doom.

8. Mediterranean Cruise

cruise ship harbor aerial view beautiful | best travel destinations

Europe is rich in art, culture, and tradition, and with the different characters each country presents, it's hard to choose just one. A thrilling resolution? Sign up for a Mediterranean cruise.

A cruise will let you visit up to five countries, depending on the length of the excursion. You'll have a chance to explore the ruins and culture in one country, then wine and dine in another the next day. Visit sleepy towns and bustling cities in one convenient trip.

You'll come across scenic landscapes and historic landmarks with photo opportunities at every turn. Food enthusiasts will be able to enjoy different cuisines and appreciate local ingredients.

A Mediterranean cruise is truly a no-brainer as you don't have to pack, bring your passport and visa, and enjoy the ride. Not to mention the luxury accommodations your cruise liner will provide.

Best Travel Destinations | Winter

9. The Caribbean

shirley heights antigua view | retirement travel

If your image of a perfect vacation includes lush forests, shimmering coastlines, and breathtaking waterfalls, then look no further than the Caribbean Islands.

The sea in the Bahamas boasts thriving sea life, where you can dive with stingrays, fishes, and pigs. Swimming with the pigs has become a popular vacation spot on the island. But if you prefer your feet dry, you can cruise along the coastline in a yacht.

Coffee connoisseurs will enjoy visiting coffee estates in Jamaica. Having trekked along the Blue Mountains, you will have a better appreciation for the process and the flavors the environment has allowed.

Expect clear waters, quiet coastal villages, and natural, unadulterated beauty in the Caribbean.

10. Switzerland

zermatt matterhorn mountain | top travel destinations

Switzerland is a winter wonderland for skiers and non-skiers. While most would travel to escape the cold, most tourists would travel to the country during winter. And this could mean that vacation spots usually visited by tourists would be less crowded.

Charming villages get into the festive spirit with sprawling Christmas markets everywhere. Even before you get inside the quaint shops, take a moment to appreciate the facades of the building. The pleasant blend of vibrant colors, artistic paintings, and street lamps contrast the majestic and gloomy mountains during the nighttime.

Inject some action into your itinerary with an enchanting ski trip down the Swiss alps. The train journey and the climb up the mountain will be just as breathtaking.

But if you don't like traveling on two's, what about on four's? Dog sledding is a popular tourist attraction and is a unique experience that's hard to come by.

Check out this video for traveling tips and tricks:

If traveling is on your bucket list, then look no further than this article. They say life is a journey, and we know the best destinations.

Invest in yourself. Spend on the things that will bring you joy and fulfillment. Retirement is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself, and the second is travel.

Which travel destination is your dream for when you retire?

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Do you have other travel destinations in mind that are great for retirement? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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