Uric Acid Cleanse | How to Reduce Your Uric Acid Naturally

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When you're talking about full-body detox, you can't leave out a uric acid cleanse. Here's how to do it naturally and effectively.

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How to Lower Your Uric Acid Level Naturally

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What Is Uric Acid?

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Uric acid is a waste product of purine, and it is naturally found in your blood.


Purine is a compound found in many of your favorite ingredients, like:

  • red meat
  • organ meats
  • seafood
  • alcohol
  • sugary foods and beverages

Your kidneys filter out most uric acid from your blood. But when there's more uric acid than your kidneys can filter, it could build up. And this buildup or high levels of uric acid is called hyperuricemia.

Besides a poorly functioning kidney, other causes of high uric acid levels may include:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • diuretics (water pills)
  • alcohol
  • genetics
  • vitamin B3
  • hypothyroidism
  • psoriasis
  • immune-suppressing drugs
  • renal insufficiency
  • tumor lysis syndrome
  • purine-rich diet

Why Is Uric Acid Cleanse Important?

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Too much uric acid for too long could lead to serious complications.

Hyperuricemia could lead to conditions and diseases like:

  • kidney stones
  • permanent tissue damage
  • kidney disease
  • fatty liver disease
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • type 2 diabetes

Prevention is always better than cure. Some people may be more likely to develop hyperuricemia. Other conditions or medications could also put you at risk.


But there are other factors that are within your control. And there are natural ways you may lower your uric acid levels.

Natural Ways to Bring Down Your Uric Acid Level

1. Eat Less High-Purine Foods

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Many foods contain purines, so it's not possible to eliminate them from your diet. But you can control how much purine you eat.

You may have heard the health benefits of wine, but it's not a good reason to start the habit. All alcohol could have high amounts of purine.

Some seafood and shellfish that may be high in purine include:

  • trout
  • anchovies
  • scallops
  • codfish
  • sardines
  • mussels
  • herring
  • haddock

Meats and organ meats could also contribute to a high purine diet:

  • liver
  • bacon
  • veal
  • turkey
  • venison

Opt instead for foods with moderate amounts of purine. Keep a variety of these stocked in your kitchen pantry:

  • beef
  • chicken
  • duck
  • pork
  • ham
  • crab
  • lobster
  • oysters
  • shrimp

Enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. And eat high-purine foods on less than moderate occasions.

Try to see which foods work best for you and keep them on rotation. Being more mindful of your diet may also improve your health, besides lowering your uric acid.

2. Go Sugar-Free

shot illustrating high sugar levels takeaway | uric acid test

Added sugar may also raise your uric acid levels.

It's also tied with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes (by possibly causing insulin resistance).

Prime examples of added sugar include table sugar (sucrose) and high-fructose corn syrup. And you can find these in sugary sweets and beverages.

These include:

  • soda
  • energy drinks
  • fruit juices
  • pastries
  • condiments
  • candy
  • jam
  • yogurt
  • canned foods
  • packaged foods

But fruits contain sugar. Are they still safe to eat? Yes, they are!

Fruits typically have lower glycemic indexes are important sources of vitamins and minerals. Craving something sweet for dessert? Whole fruits are your best option.

And no, packaged fruit juices may not count as healthy alternatives. Unless the label reads 100% fruit juice, steer clear. Instead, look for labels like no added sugar or unsweetened.

The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that added sugar only takes up less than 10% of your daily calorie intake.

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3. Trim the Fat

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If you follow number one and exchange your current diet for a more diverse and nutritious one, then you may find this step achievable. Especially when it's paired with number two.

A bigger belt may also come with higher uric acid levels. Hyperuricemia is a common condition for those struggling with obesity.

Obesity may cause this through two mechanisms:

  • bumping up uric acid production
  • reducing how much urate (uric acid crystals) your body gets rid of

Weight gain and excess fat may create an environment that promotes hyperuricemia.

Healthy long-term weight loss may lower your uric acid levels and keep your body running at optimal levels. Even if you're not worried about hyperuricemia, it pays to dust off your treadmill for a few minutes daily.

The 2019 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends 150 minutes of exercise weekly. Chop this up into short, doable segments until you work up to 150 minutes.

4. Take Vitamin C

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Vitamin C may not combat the common cold, but it might protect you from gout.

Researchers discovered that higher doses of vitamin C may be connected to lower uric acid levels.

One meta-analysis found that 500 mg of vitamin C supplements significantly lowered serum uric acid levels.

Discuss with your doctor if you can introduce vitamin C to your regular diet.

The American diet includes lots of excellent sources of vitamin C such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Other fruits that are high in vitamin C include:

  • red peppers
  • oranges
  • grapefruit
  • kiwi fruit
  • green pepper
  • strawberries
  • brussels sprouts
  • spinach

5. Enjoying a Cup of Joe May Lower Uric Acid Levels

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Researchers also study the potential protective effects of coffee to control serum uric acid (UA) levels. But this comes with a disclaimer.

One study compared coffee and tea and their effects on serum UA levels. The researchers found that coffee, but not tea, may lower serum UA levels. It seems it may be other compounds in the coffee that make this potentially protective.

The theory is that the antioxidants in your coffee positively influence your insulin hormone levels, which could lower your uric acid levels.

However, the caffeine in your coffee may mimic the effects of allopurinol. Allopurinol is a medication used for gout patients, which boosts incidences of gout before it clears your serum UA over time with continued use.

With coffee versus gout, ask your doctor. If you're not a coffee drinker, don't start drinking coffee to treat gout or other related conditions.

There are more effective and safe drugs to lower UA levels. Coffee might also negatively interact with other medications you may be taking.

Scientists need to build more evidence to determine if coffee is an effective therapeutic agent.

6. Cherries May Help Fight Hyperuricemia and Gout

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Another antioxidant-rich food scientists are eyeing for their potential UA-reducing effects is cherries. But the results may be a bit more favorable.

Current evidence suggests that there may be a connection between cherries and fewer incidences of gout attacks.

Some studies found cherries may also help ease symptoms of UA-induced arthritis.

But again, until there is more conclusive evidence that cherries can lower serum UA levels, don't expect a tart cherry prescription from your doctor.

However, cherries are rich in antioxidants with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Their health benefits may exceed protecting against gout.

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Check out this video for a helpful kidney detox guide:

Ask your doctor for a uric acid test during your annual checkups. Especially if you eat plenty of high purine foods, a blood test may help catch gout early or better yet, prevent it.

No miracle drug that lowers your uric acid levels instantly. In fact, it's a lot easier than that.

Quick, easy, and natural solutions can help lower your serum UA levels, as well as keep your body healthy. Even without gout or arthritis, consider these dietary recommendations.

Which of these uric acid cleanse is the most doable for you?

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