How Is White Persian Melon Tea Different From Other Teas?

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If you're new to drinking white tea, you may be unaware of the many positive health differences between white tea and black tea. And, White Persian melon tea offers even more health benefits than regular white tea.

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How Is White Persian Melon Tea Different From Other Teas?

The health differences between white and black tea are primarily related to their anti-oxidant content. Tea leaves are naturally rich in some of the most powerful antioxidants on earth.

Anti-oxidants are important to our health because they combat free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals are a natural by-product of our digestive processes, but left unchecked they damage our cells and DNA. Damaged cells and DNA lead to aging and serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer.

While all tea leaves are naturally anti-oxidant rich in the beginning, tea processing changes some of the anti-oxidants into different forms that are not as healthy as the originals.

Black tea is the most processed of all teas, going through a fermentation process. Green tea leaves are rolled but skip the fermentation process.

White tea leaves are not rolled or cut, but simply plucked, withered, and steamed, or fried. Because green and white teas are not fermented, they retain more of their antioxidants in their natural form.

Because white tea is not rolled, it is processed even less than green tea, so that it retains the highest number of original anti-oxidants.

This makes white tea the healthiest you can drink. The antioxidants in white tea often referred to as catechins, can help eradicate free radicals from our bodies.

It is this process that protects us from disease and helps slow down the aging process. Cultures with diets heavy in green and white tea have lower incidences of heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure.

The catechins in tea have also been shown to be effective in helping with weight loss. For years, we have known that caffeine can speed up metabolism.


Tea was used to help with weight loss because it contained caffeine. However, recent studies have shown that tea is more effective at promoting weight loss than other caffeinated beverages, even those that contained a higher caffeine content.

So, researchers have concluded that it is the combination of caffeine and green and white tea's catechins that make it a more effective weight loss supplement. The catechins in tea appear to help speed up the oxidation of fat, not just the metabolism.

White Persian melon tea offers benefits even greater than those of plain white tea. In addition to the anti-oxidants found in all white teas, white Persian melon tea has health benefits because of the added melon nectar.

Melons are also a powerful antioxidant source and contain a particular anti-oxidant known as GliSODdin. GliSODin neutralizes some of the most powerful free radicals in our bodies and stimulates our bodies to make their anti-oxidants.

This is especially important because scientists believe that the anti-oxidants produced in our bodies are more effective at destroying free radicals than those we ingest from our diets.

So, melons give us a double dose of health benefits. We receive benefits directly from the melon's anti-oxidants, but the melons also stimulate our bodies to make even stronger anti-oxidants than those in the melon.

Melons are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, beta carotene, and potassium. It also contains lycopene, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants and is not found in tea.

In addition, melons have an anti-clotting effect on the blood. This makes it effective in preventing blood clots, which is one of the leading causes of heart attacks.

Therefore, because of the anti-oxidants and anti-clotting action of melons, they may be one of the best foods for those at high risk of heart disease.

White tea and melon make a powerful combination and maybe one of the healthiest teas you can drink. A steady diet of white Persian melon tea may be a very effective way to protect your heart health.

And, the best news is that white Persian melon tea is delicious. The combination of sweet and delicate white tea with fruity and refreshing melon makes it a delicious drink that's unlike the flavor of any other white tea.

If you've found plain white tea a little too mild for your liking, you may find that you love white Persian melon tea. The addition of the melon nectar gives this white tea more flavor than many others.

White Persian melon tea is equally delicious whether enjoyed hot or cold. This makes it even easier to get a daily dose. Brew it hot in the winter and ice it down in the summer.

If you've never tried white Persian melon tea, you're missing a real treat. And, if you have avoided buying the highest quality white teas because you believe them to be too expensive, take another look.

Buying high-quality loose teas in bulk from a quality tea purveyor is still relatively inexpensive compared to many other beverages.

You can enjoy white Persian melon tea for less than .50 a cup, which is typically less than the cost of soda, which has no health benefits!

So, drink up! White Persian melon tea is one of the most delicious and refreshing you can buy, and it's one of the healthiest as well. You're sure to love this delicious alternative to other white teas.

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