Moving Beyond Abusive Behavior and Becoming a Better Man [PODCAST]

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Moving Beyond Abusive Behavior and Becoming a Better Man

Revealing Men launches its second season with Otha Brown, principal therapist in the domestic relationships program at the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan. Last season, Brown’s podcast segment on teaching men to manage themselves instead of trying to control others was one of Revealing Men’s most listened to. He and Randy Flood, psychotherapist and Director of the Men’s Resource Center continue the conversation this season—reflecting upon how most men who enter counseling for control, anger, and abuse issues really wanted to be good fathers, good partners, good community members but somewhere along the line, things broke down. By offering tools such as self-awareness and empathy, Brown helps them understand their abusive behavior and move toward a vision of becoming a better man. Excerpts from the conversation are below (edited for length and clarity). Hear the entire discussion on the Revealing Man podcast.

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