Let’s Uplift Kings Founder Craig Cooper Shares his Battle with Depression [PODCAST]

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Let's Uplift Kings Founder Craig Cooper Shares his Battle with Depression

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Wow! This was a powerful and fun podcast to be a part of, Patrick has an awesome conversation with Craig Cooper, founder of Let's Uplift Kings. Craig's organization is a faith based organization that provides mental health strategies and motivation to men of all ages. Let's Uplift Kings also strives to BREAK THE STIGMA!!! Craig also hosts The Walking Purpose Podcast which dives deep into men's mental and emotional health. Craig blew us away with the level of vulnerability he gave us on this episode, he discussed his battles with depression, self image and suicidal ideation. Craig also discusses how he turned it around and now uses his experiences to uplift his community and subscribers. We loved having Craig on and we are 100% going to do it again. Craig is coming out with a book in November and we will keep everyone posted on where you can find it. When we recorded this podcast it was Craig's birthday weekend so we still wish him an amazing birthday!!!!!

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