Health Benefits of Hanging From a Bar | 6 Great Hanging from Bar Benefits

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There are multiple benefits of hanging from a bar. For example, someone recommended that I hang from a bar recently as I recovered from an injury.

In the process, I've found that this is an excellent exercise for various reasons, and I'd like to share some of the benefits below.

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6 Great Health Benefits of Hanging from a Bar

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Hanging from Bar Benefits | Benefits of Hanging From a Bar


6 Great Hanging from Bar Benefits


1. Improve Shoulder Strength and Stability

adult-caucasian-man-on-monkey-bars benefits of hanging from a bar

Have you ever noticed how gymnasts tend to have strong shoulders? Strong shoulders are one of the benefits of hanging from a bar.

Hanging from a bar can be a great way to strengthen the shoulder muscles and joints. And it can do so more safely and gently than other shoulder exercises.

One of the benefits of hanging from a bar is its safety. Some experts say that a regimen of hanging from a bar can even be helpful for people who experience rotator cuff injuries. If this is your situation, and you want to try hanging from a bar, be sure and check with your doctor first.

By the way, hanging from a bar can help your shoulders be more flexible, making this an excellent exercise for athletes and anyone who wants to improve their shoulder flexibility as they grow older.

2. Increase Grip Strength

Hanging from Bar Benefits | Benefits of Hanging From a Bar

Grip strength is beneficial for many things we encounter in our everyday lives — from opening jars to giving a firm handshake and just plain enduring any repetitive activity involving the hands. A firm grip also enables you to perform many other forms of exercise more successfully.


It is not surprising that hanging from a bar can increase grip strength. After all, the exercise depends on you hanging onto the bar with a good, solid grip, and this can only help but strengthen those muscles.

Some people prefer hanging from a bar instead of using hand grippers or squeezing a ball to strengthen the hands. Hanging from a bar is considered a passive form of exercise that uses the force of gravity, which many find easier and more enjoyable to perform.

3. Strengthen Tendons

Hanging from Bar Benefits | Benefits of Hanging From a Bar

One of the difficulties arising from weight training is an imbalance in strength between muscles and tendons. Typically what happens is that the muscles become relatively more robust than the tendons, and as a result, soreness develops in the tendons
that connect those muscles to the bone.

This muscle sore can also happen when repeated stress on specific muscles in particular sports. For example, tennis constantly
exerts the hand and forearm muscles, and if the tendons are not strong, it can lead to elbow tendonitis.

Hanging from a bar can be ideal for preparing for this common problem as it strengthens both muscles and tendons.

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4. Improve Posture

Hanging from Bar Benefits | Benefits of Hanging From a Bar

One of the benefits of hanging from a bar is it tends to decompress the spine. In other words, it helps to optimize the alignment and spacing of the vertebrae. Spine decompression benefits from hanging on a bar are significant for those who do any weight-bearing activity. But it can help anyone who feels as though
their back is stiff or bound up.

One of the enormous benefits of this loosening of the spine is that it can improve your posture. If you have a rounding of the upper back, this is one great benefit of hanging from a bar that should motivate you. In addition, if you spend a lot of hunched over a desk on the job, you should try hanging from a bar too.

5. Grow Taller!

man-impaired-posture-position-defect-scoliosis | pull up exercises

Will hanging from a bar make you taller? Well, it might!

Part of this has to do with the spine's loosening and lengthening. But in addition, hanging from a bar can also lengthen your muscles and joints, making you taller.

So, if you'd like to increase your height a little, some regular hanging might be an easy way to achieve that goal!

6. Core Strengthening

Hanging from Bar Benefits | Benefits of Hanging From a Bar

Finally, I should mention that hanging from a bar also strengthens your overall body, making you more fit. You can significantly boost the core, and even your internal organs may benefit from this form of exercise.

There are all kinds of exercises people pursue these days. Some of them require special equipment and others don't. Also, some take a certain amount of time to learn — like tai chi or tango dancing — while others — like walking — are straightforward to do right from the start.

Exercising by hanging from a bar is as straightforward as it sounds. All you do is find a solid bar — like a pull-up bar in a gym, park, or between a door frame — grab the bar with your two hands (by jumping up a bit if necessary), and then lift your feet from the ground while you bear all your weight with your hands.

Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:
6 HEALTH BENEFITS OF HANGING FROM A BARCheck out this video of BarRookie for more Benefits of Hanging from a Bar reason to motivate you:

As with all activities, make sure your condition allows you to hang from a bar. And if you have any questions about that, be sure and check with your doctor ahead of time.

Also, you don't need to overdo this. And you don't need to bring yourself to the point of total exhaustion as you perform this exercise. Start easy, working up to three sets of 30 seconds each. Then work toward 60 seconds each.

Daily practice of this exercise can bring about the best results. But if you need more recovery time, every other day is fine.

Have fun with this!

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