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California realizes that its aging population is growing so they created a master plan. The golden state is about to become even brighter.

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California Master Plan for Aging | Why Californians of All Ages Should Be Excited


The Reason for Creating the California Master Plan for Aging

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The older population is fast-growing, projected to reach 10.8 million by 2030, comprising a quarter of its total population. Current data reveals urgent, time-sensitive matters that need to be addressed for now and future generations.

In June 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to devise a Master Plan for Aging (MPA).

This blueprint is a long-term plan for the current older generation and future older adults. It will ensure that the older generations are cared for, continue to play an active role in the economy, and receive equal opportunities. Moreover, it reworks how we think about and address aging.

Aging in California will change for the better. The MPA lays out the framework and measures that will drive and monitor success and provides a playbook that allows other states to do the same.

Goals of the California Master Plan for Aging

The master plan lists five goals geared towards a happier, healthier older generation and a thriving economy.

1. Housing for All Stages & Ages

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Housing is more than having a roof over your head. A home for older adults often needs:

  • enough space for a large family (for multi-generational families)
  • a dwelling unit for caregivers
  • access to transport networks (such as paratransit and buses)
  • provision for disaster preparedness

Today, current provisions and rules make it difficult for older adults to afford proper housing. Because of this, many are left homeless and face limited housing options.

The Master Plan hopes to develop a framework that includes everyone – now and in the years to come. To achieve this,  California lists five strategies:

  1. More Housing Options
  2. Transportation Beyond Cars
  3. Outdoor & Community Spaces for All Ages
  4. Emergency Preparedness & Response
  5. Climate-Friendly Aging

With these strategies in place, the older generation may live in homes that benefit their well-being. The elderly will have access to transportation and safe homes.

2. Health Reimagined

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Health and wellness become priority number one as you age. Older adults are more prone to chronic illnesses and mental illnesses. The master plan makes sure everyone has access to healthcare. With this, the elderly will enjoy healthy aging and well-being in their later years.

To make sure all Californians live a long and healthy life, the MPA will employ these strategies:

  1. Bringing Health Care with Home
  2. Health Care as We Age
  3. Lifelong Healthy Aging
  4. Geriatric Care Expansion
  5. Dementia in Focus
  6. Nursing Home Innovation

The master plan will improve health care and bring nursing and caregiving to new heights. It brings to light the need to focus on physical and mental health for elders. New and innovative partnerships with concerned organizations and agencies may make healthcare easier for everyone.

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3. Inclusion & Equity, Not Isolation

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California recognizes the many roles and functions older adults play in the community. Some older adults continue to work out of need or by choice, whether as full-time or part-time employees. Employment, however, is not afforded to everyone as some face age discrimination.

Approximately ten percent of elders living at home suffer from elder abuse. This hinders the state's vision of inclusion and equity.

California has six strategies to address these threats and allow the older generation an active role in the economy:

  1. Inclusion and Equity in Aging
  2. Opportunities to Work
  3. Opportunities to Volunteer and Engage Across Generations
  4. Closing the Digital Divide
  5. Protection from Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
  6. California Leadership in Aging

Californians will stay protected, connected, and engaged in all sectors of society. Playing an active role in the community, whether as a worker or voter, can help them feel included. It may also grant them a newfound sense of purpose in their later years.

4. Caregiving That Works

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With low wages and a higher risk of injury of direct care workers, California estimates that the state will soon experience a shortage of caregivers. Caregiving is a labor of love, but may also be a burden for families caring for their elders.

With this, the MPA will employ three transformative strategies that will guarantee that all elders will enjoy appropriate and much-needed care:

  1. Family & Friends Caregiving Support
  2. Good Caregiving Jobs Creation
  3. Virtual Care Expansion

The goal is to revolutionize caregiving, giving older adults access to eldercare. In addition, it will provide caregivers with training and better job conditions and benefits.

5. Affording Aging

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Retirement funds and pensions may not be able to keep up with increasing costs.

The state seeks to make retirement a reality – not just a dream – for everyone.

The Master Plan for Aging lists three strategies to ease the financial burden for the older generation:

  1. End Homelessness for Older Adults
  2. Income Security as We Age
  3. Protection from Poverty & Hunger

We should be able to rest and relax in our golden years. After decades of hard work, it's a reward everyone is entitled to.

California Master Plan on Aging

The 44-page master plan includes a playbook that other states may apply to their communities. It includes tools and measures they may use to create a localized action plan.

The most successful plans are measurable, actionable, and are based on data. With the MPA Data Dashboard, everyone will be able to get a glimpse of the state's progress.

While it may seem that the master plan focuses purely on improving the lives of the older generation, it may, in fact, create a legacy that will boost the quality of life from birth and all birthdays to come.

The California Master Plan for Aging may bridge gaps and secure a bright and healthy future for all generations.

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