13 Energizing Curcumin Health Benefits | A Powerful Natural Anti-Oxidant

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There are many curcumin health benefits and one of them is that it may help fight away COVID. Found in turmeric, a common spice used in cooking, curcumin may treat a lot of diseases. This list shows some of them.

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Awesome Curcumin Health Benefits


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Raw turmeric with powder in wooden spoon | curcumin benefits


1. It’s Anti-Inflammatory

Medicine research of curcuma properties with the help of laboratory equipment | health benefits of curcumin

Turmeric is most known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is due to curcumin, its main active substance.

It even surpasses generic anti-inflammation medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen. Severe inflammation results in various chronic ailments.

This is why curcumin has a crucial role in combatting inflammatory diseases. These include pancreatic, arthritic, and acute bowel conditions.

2. It’s Anti-Heart Disease

Stethoscope and red heart on wooden table | health benefits of curcumin

Research shows that one of the most important curcumin benefits is it’s good for the heart. It helps enhance endothelial function.

The endothelium is the thin membrane protecting the blood and heart vessels. This particular membrane regulates blood pressure.


The lower endothelium results in the risk of developing age-related heart ailment. Curcumin contains properties that may help protect your heart from this lethal risk.

3. It’s Anti-Cancer

blue and pink ribbon. prevention of breast and prostate cancer | health benefits of curcumin

Tumor growth and chronic inflammation go side by side. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory compound that may help treat and prevent cancer.

It could counter the development of different cancer types. These include prostate, colorectal, breast, gastric, and pancreatic cancers.

Curcumin may slow down the rapid spread of cancer cells. Studies show that it may even disrupt the growth of tumor cells at an early stage.

Note: Experts are still working on assessing the impact of curcumin on cancer.

4. It’s Anti-Osteoarthritis

The model of knee joint shown the process of osteoarthritis of knee and total knee replacement surgery | health benefits of curcumin

Studies show that preventing osteoarthritis is one of the health benefits of curcumin. Again, this is due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

It may even provide a safe extended treatment option for people with the said condition. Meriva, a medicine containing 75% curcumin, is the culprit.

Aside from Meriva, other curcumin treatments may fight osteoarthritis. According to studies, taking 50 mg of oral curcumin could slow down osteoarthritis.

5. It’s Anti-Diabetes

Notepad with Anti-Diabetes on chopping board with wooden fork and spoon | health benefits of curcumin

Curcumin may also work in preventing diabetes. This includes treating diabetic nephropathy and other associated disorders.

These disorders affect individuals with and type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Curcumin has a positive effect on improving blood sugar control.

Due to curcumin’s natural anti-oxidant property, it could also improve insulin resistance. This is crucial for patients suffering from the disease.

6. It’s Anti-Alzheimer’s Disease

Depressed elderly man covers his face with his hands. Alzheimer's disease concept | curcumin benefits

Curcumin May Help Delay or Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease Curcumin is also effective in protecting our brains against Alzheimer’s disease. It works by increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels.

BDNF is a type of protein derived from the spinal cord and the brain. This helps keep our neurons healthy. It also regulates nerve cell communication, crucial for memory and learning.

Curcumin contains specific properties that help delay or even reverse brain deterioration. More research though needs to further confirm its effectiveness.

7. It’s Anti-Depression

Silhouette of depressed man sitting on walkway of residence building | curcumin benefits

Curcumin may also contribute to treating depression. Depression, like Alzheimer’s disease, is connected to BDNF lower levels.

Studies prove that curcumin contains excellent anti-depressant properties. Several experiments on humans show impressive and promising results.

Despite this, scientists have yet to solidify their studies on this particular area. It is important to consult your doctor first before undergoing curcumin treatment.

8. It’s Anti- Rheumatoid Arthritis

man suffering from elbow joint pain people | curcumin benefits

Another one of the health benefits of curcumin is treating rheumatoid arthritis. This severe inflammatory disorder usually targets the joints.

Aside from this though, it could also spread to the lungs, eyes, skin, blood vessels, and even the heart. Rheumatoid arthritis results in painful swollen joints.

This causes the erosion of bones and over time leads to physical disabilities. Taking curcumin may help improve joint swelling and tenderness.

Note: Compared to other common treatments, curcumin treatment has no harmful side effects.

9. It’s Pro-Skin Health

A handsome young man checking the skin on his face and smiling | curcumin benefits

Aside from anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin is also anti-oxidant and ant-microbial. This makes it effective in treating various skin conditions.

These include eczema, photoaging, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. Research also shows that curcumin is safe even when taken at high doses.

Yet, curcumin has poor stability and solubility at a high PH. Experts are studying its effectiveness in treating skin disorders.

10. It’s Anti-Free Radicals

Free radicals word cloud concept | curcumin benefits

Curcumin is an effective treatment against free radicals. Its anti-oxidant properties help defend your body against the effects of pollutants.

Free radicals are harmful. Our bodies generate from environmental pollutants such as smoke and chemicals.

Curcumin works by reversing the effects of free radicals on our body’s proteins, fats, and DNA. Think of it as a powerful shield that keeps your body safe from harmful toxins.

11. It’s Anti-Aging

Handsome man applying facial cream in front of mirror | curcumin benefits

Since it contains ant-oxidants that combat free radicals, curcumin could help delay aging. Its anti-oxidant properties protect the skin from the hazardous effects of pollutants.

Aside from this, it also helps in delaying the degeneration of the brain. This means that it promotes better resistance against age-related diseases.

Curcumin elevates and enhances the activities of some anti-aging proteins. This makes it one of the best natural substances that promote cell rejuvenation.

12. It’s Anti-Eye Degeneration

He has eyesight problems and is squinting his eyes a little bit | curcumin health benefits

One of the most major causes of blindness is glaucoma. It affects people who are in their 60s.

Curcumin protects your eyes from this and other degenerative diseases. Experiments on animals using curcumin eye drops show promising results.

Recent studies show that curcumin has a protective role in fighting oxidative stress. This has a critical significance in fighting visual deterioration.

13. It’s Anti-COVID

Healthy turmeric powder in a white heart shaped bowl | severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

Research shows that curcumin may help fight severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The respected medical journal Viruses confirmed the neutralizing power of curcumin against SARS-CoV-2.

This is good news since there are limited therapeutic options to control the disease. We need more alternatives.

These alternatives include traditional herbal medicines. Curcuma longa or turmeric root which contains curcumin is one of these options.

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13 Powerful Curcumin Health Benefits

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Today, medical experts are still working to further explore more curcumin health benefits. Results are promising though. Curcumin is very much welcome in this age of escalating health challenges.

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