One Man’s Story of Surviving Domestic Abuse [PODCAST]

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One Man’s Story of Surviving Domestic Abuse

As a psychotherapist and Director of the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, Randy Flood can tell you that domestic violence is non-discriminating. It happens regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, social-economic status, culture, or occupation. Flood has counseled men who perpetrate domestic violence and claim to be victims as a means of avoiding accountability for their behavior. But he has also worked with men who have been or are the victim of abuse. Unfortunately, for men such as these, society continues to make it difficult to openly tell their stories of abuse and to seek treatment and healing. Which is why, when a good friend offered to share his story of surviving domestic abuse on the Revealing Men podcast in the hope it would help others, Flood was grateful.

Jim’s story highlights the struggle inherent for many male victims of domestic violence: societal or internal beliefs about manhood, the risk of not being believed, and the fear of experiencing shame. It touches on stereotypes, i.e., how can a professional, educated man be the victim of domestic violence. And it illustrates how, when the customary masculine paradigm of using brawn or fighting back to conquer the aggressor will not work, there is another heroic path available – one of care and nurturing. This article is edited for length and clarity. You can hear the entire conversation on the Revealing Men podcast. We invite you to listen with an open heart and mind to truly hear the human tragedy no one is immune from nor asks for.

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