13 Fun Hobbies For Couples Who Are Over 50

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Do you and your significant other hate being idle at home? There are so many hobbies for couples you can try, especially now that you have all the time in the world! Here are some productive activities you can get into to keep you happy and busy.

Senior-Friendly Hobbies for Couples Who Love to Stay at Home

1. Gardening

senior couple gardening backyard garden | hobbies for retired couples

Have you always had a green thumb but didn’t have the time in your younger years to nurture your own garden? Now that retirement has given you all the hours you need, you can finally grow your own fruits and veggies!

When it comes to teamwork, gardening is one of the best hobbies for couples at home. Aside from helping increase your mobility, it’s also a great stress reliever!

2. Cooking and Baking

happy senior couple aprons tasting food | hobbies for retired couples

You might have been the master chef of the family, but are you the best baker as well? Learning both skills can keep you busy; the yummy dishes and sweet pastries are just the bonus.

You can teach your other half the basics of what you know and vice versa. Whipping up the most scrumptious meals is the key to each other’s heart!

3. Knitting

senior woman teaching her husband art | hobbies for retired couples

Knitting has always been perceived as an activity for women, but that shouldn’t prevent the husband from making his own cozy sweaters! It may be a bit time-consuming, but the results are definitely rewarding.

Plus, knitting can actually help improve your hand-eye coordination, which may deteriorate as you age. It’s also a great form of therapy in strengthening your finger dexterity and preventing hand osteoarthritis.

4. Online Fitness Classes

asian old senior workout exercise doing | hobbies for retired couples

Traveling to the gym can become a hassle, especially when you are older. Thankfully, technology has graced us with the convenience of online fitness classes. They’re the most effective hobbies for seniors at home who want to stay fit!


There are tons of available classes online to get you started. You can get one-on-one sessions with a trainer, or you can simply watch YouTube videos for free. However, it’s advisable to talk to an expert first so you can identify which exercises would suit you best.

5. Couples Yoga

senior couple doing fitness training home | hobbies for retired couples

Keep the fitness motivation going with weekly sessions of couples yoga! This specific activity can do wonders in spicing up your relationship. It can enhance your intimacy, cultivate emotional support, and improve trust between partners.

It’s one of the best hobbies couples can do together at home, but guidance from an instructor is also necessary. If you’re up for it, you can even try vinyasa yoga for a different workout experience.

6. TikTok Dance Challenges

carefree happy active old senior couple | hobbies for retired couples

Have you been seeing your grandchildren dancing in front of their phones? They might be doing those viral TikTok dance challenges, which you can also hop into! They’re fast, fun, and easy to learn.

Break away from your usual routine and groove to the beats of Renegade, Savage Love, and Say So with your significant other. You’d be surprised that a lot of seniors are on the app too, so don’t get left behind!

7. Vlogging

joyful happy senior couple recording video | hobbies for retired couples

Vlogging might be one of the most trendy hobbies for couples, especially for the young ones, but it’s definitely an activity any age can try. It’s also an interesting item to add to your bucket list!

Recording your life might be an intimidating concept to consider, but there are tons of niches you can approach in your videos. You can make cooking tutorials like Pasta Grannies or even review whimsical toys like Grand Illusions!

8. Redecorating Your Home

happy senior couple renovating their home | hobbies for retired couples

Just because you’re getting old, it doesn’t mean your house should look elderly too. Sprucing up your space is a productive project you can do as a couple. A beautifully decorated home can induce calm and happy feelings!

You can also consider renovation if you want a total upgrade. As long as you have great teamwork and you know how to divide your tasks, your home is bound to look like a safe haven.

9. Crafting and DIY

happy senior married couple sharing memories | hobbies for retired couples

Still got your creative juices flowing during retirement? Crafting is another fun pastime you can try with your spouse, especially when boredom strikes. If you’ve got old pictures lying around, scrapbooking can help immortalize these memories.

Making DIY projects also hits the spot when it comes to hobbies for couples. You can create all sorts of functional items and trinkets—the Internet has loads of free patterns and tutorials!

10. Painting

loving senior couple relaxing home mature | hobbies for retired couples

Painting is a popular hobby among seniors and it’s easy to see why. Aside from being an intricate yet satisfying skill, it’s also a therapeutic outlet for expressing your creativity.

Not sure if you have that Picasso in you? Don’t worry! You can go for paint-by-number kits and adult painting printables to get you started. Once you get the hang of it, you can also take online painting classes.

11. Learning to Play an Instrument

favorite song portrait two happy pensioners | hobbies for retired couples

We’ve all heard that music heals, and proper music therapy can ease anxiety and calm your nerves. Playing an instrument can help you reap all the health benefits these tunes can offer.

Why not form a musical duo with your significant other? Each of you can learn different instruments that you can play during weekly jams and family gatherings. The best part is being able to perform your favorite songs!

12. Playing Board Games

warm toned portrait happy senior couple | hobbies for retired couples

You might think it’s stereotypical for older people to play board games, but you can never go wrong with a fun match of chess or Scrabble. Why mess with the classics?

To shake things up, you can even approach your games with a competitive spirit and introduce rewards and prizes. Sharpening your mind is always fun when it’s mixed with a friendly rivalry!

13. Adopting a Pet

happy senior couple sitting on sofa | hobbies for retired couples

If you are not living with your children and grandkids, it can get pretty lonely. You might have your spouse with you, but there are days when you need more than just two people under the same roof.

Adopting a pet can help you beat that sadness! Whether it’s a jolly puppy or a tame cat, taking care of a furry friend will bring you joy no matter what.

As we become older, there are certain activities that we cannot do anymore because of our aging bodies. However, that doesn’t mean that fun hobbies for couples over 50 no longer exist! There are so many things you can try that can help you past the time while still having fun. As long as you’re willing to explore new stuff, boredom won’t be a problem.

Which of these hobbies for couples are you going to try next? Share your picks in the comments below!

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