9 Lifestyle Changes That Ended My Fear Of Turning 50

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Though just a number, age has a way of catching up with us. Check out these lifestyle changes that will make your 50s fulfilling and accomplished.

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9 Surefire Lifestyle Changes to Make Your 50s a Blast

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1. Foster an Experimental Mindset

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Some of us are naturally adventurous, while others are not. If you are not one of the adventurous ones, adapting an experimental mindset will help you grow and enjoy your 50s.


To do this, identify things in your life that you want to fix. It could be anything from fears, relationships, skillsets, or life challenges. Next, try out different solutions to address these problems and ultimately change them.

For this to work out, think of each solution as a small project. Be curious about the anticipated results, but stay unattached to an expected outcome. If the outcome is worthwhile, try incorporating the experiment into your life as a permanent fixture.

2. Keep Growing Your Network

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Whether you're still working or retired or are thinking about reentering the workforce, networking is vital in your 50s. Engaging with people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or face-to-face in industry groups will keep you connected and updated.

3. Quit Smoking

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Smoking is a leading cause of terminal diseases like Alzheimer's disease and even death. This is according to the American Lung Association. Consider quitting smoking in the 50s age bracket. If you cannot do it on your own, get professional help to stop.

4. Make Lifetime Commitments to Pursue Your Passion

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While your younger self might have been driven by fulfilling responsibilities, the 50s is the age bracket to take charge of your life. Even with responsibilities, you can still make a lifetime commitment to pursue your passion no matter what.

By making lifetime commitments, you acknowledge that it takes years to perfect your craft. You'll have days when you feel like you are not making any progress, but others will be awesome. This way, you ease yourself off unrealistic goals and get to enjoy growth.

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5. Exercise Every Day


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Most people associate making healthy life changes with being overwhelming. Well, this is because they try to be perfect all the time. That said, it is better to exercise for 10 minutes every day as opposed to an hour but only once a week.

Note: Once you begin your exercises, you'll gradually realize that it's not as complicated or overwhelming and keep going as far as your body can take.

6. Don't Forget About Your Physical Appearance

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They say age is just a number! While visible signs of aging are hard to hide, that doesn't mean you'll forget about taking care of your appearance.

You can age gracefully and of course beautifully by taking care of your skin, not just through skincare but through diet, and overall well-being.

7. Develop Lifetime Earning Skills

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Money problems don't get easier with age. If you have spent time working in corporate America, you've probably seen the desperate act of the aging professional. Developing skills for a lifetime earning your best chance of not being part of the statistics.

Develop skills independent from your professional job that will enable you to earn money independently as a freelancer or a business owner. Don't wait until desperation to deploy to hone your new skills. Start generating your second income as soon as possible.

Note: Your ability to make money without the help of your employer determines how you approach your 50s and above. It is a question of eagerness or reluctance.

8. Add Better Food to Your Diet

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Since your body changes as you progress in age, it only makes sense to adjust your diet to include foods that address your immediate needs at this age. This will be easier if you have already been on a healthy eating regimen as you will only need to tweak it to suit your needs.

9. Embrace Your Age

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Quit fighting old age. Aging is a compelling concept — letting go of your younger version and loving and embracing your aging self.

Treat yourself with respect and kindness, but most importantly, take care of yourself — mind, body, and soul — as you would your family, children, and your friends.

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How to Make Your 50s a Blast

Aging can be scary, whether it is the declining physical strength or the constant reminder of your mortality. Since you cannot fight it, adjusting yourself to adapt to it is your best tool to enjoying your senior years. The icing on top is that these lifestyle changes to adapt better are not overwhelming.

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