Look Younger at 50 | 12 Scientifically Proven Secrets on Looking Younger at 50

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There is no way to turn back the hands of time, but there are ways to slow it down. There are tricks on how to look younger at 50.

Wisdom and insight, as we age, are packaged and evidenced by fine lines and wrinkles. You can accept the signs of maturity and aging, or you can take the second route – skincare.

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How to Look Younger at 50 and Beyond

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1. Constantly Cleanse Your Face

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This step isn't just a key to how to look younger at 50, it's the first step for all skin concerns.

It might not be visible to the naked eye, but our skin picks up dirt throughout the day. Oil, dirt, and even sweat accumulate in our pores causing whiteheads and large pores.

Make sure to cleanse your face at the start of the day and at the end of the day.

Make sure your cleanser isn't stripping your skin of moisture either. Our skin isn't like the car that we want to be squeaky clean. If your skin feels tight after use, switch to a gentler cleanser.

2. Apply Toner To Seal Moisture

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It's not the moisturizer that hydrates our skin – it's the toner. Apply toner within 10 seconds of stepping out of the shower to help seal in the moisture.

Toner also acts like a pipe cleaner that prepares your pores to absorb all the skincare you'll be applying next.


3. Apply Serum Before Going To Bed

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Serums are typically applied at night, repairing and healing our skin while we sleep. They come in either thick or liquid consistencies, choose one based on your preference and most especially their ingredient list.

Here are the ingredients you want in your serum:

  • Retinol (a derivative of vitamin A) may boost collagen production, which is related to skin aging. Collagen is what keeps our skin plump and firm. Retinol also increases cell turnover, which may help improve your skin's appearance. It's a known irritant, so start out slow when introducing yourself to your skincare routine. Begin by using once a week and gradually increase usage until you build a tolerance.
  • Vitamin C may also prove to be a highly effective agent in rejuvenating your skin, boosting collagen production. It also disrupts melanin production, which may help beat out age-related melasma or hyperpigmentation.
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) may boost collagen production in your skin, helping you achieve plump and bouncy skin. It's a humectant that helps retain moisture in your skin.

You may find these ingredients formulated with your other skincare products, and that's fine. Whether it's in your toner, serum, or moisturizer, make sure to get your daily dose.

4. Moisturize to Look Younger at 50

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While toner and serum help hydrate and treat your skin, you'll need a good moisturizer to lock in all that hydration and moisture into your skin.

Oily skin will benefit from a gel moisturizer, it won't feel too heavy on the skin and will absorb fully. If you have dry skin, you will love a great cream soothing moisturizer. Thick cream or balm will be especially handy come wintertime.

Apply this as often as needed, but make sure to wash your hands before touching your face. You want to avoid trapping in bacteria along with the moisture.

5. Protect Your Eye Area

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The first signs of aging typically appear around the eyes – hello, fine lines and crow's feet. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on your face and requires much more attention as you age.

Keep the skin around your eyes hydrated and plump with hyaluronic acid, a humectant that will keep your skin hydrated.

Apply eye cream in the morning and at night before bed. Use your ring fingers to spread them as they're the weakest among your fingers and the least likely to damage your skin due to excessive pressure.

6. Exfoliate to Look Younger at 50

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Skin turnover slows as we age, a key function and process of the skin. Exfoliating regularly may help improve overall skin appearance, smooth fine lines, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are chemical exfoliants that shed the top layer of your skin. They could help improve the texture of your skin as well as unclog your pores, which may also help diminish their appearance.

AHAs are a common ingredient in toners or chemical peels, so train your eye to watch out for this hero ingredient. Apply only at night because they are a potential irritant and may cause your skin to become sensitive.

If you apply this in the morning, make sure to follow up with a generous portion of broad-spectrum sunscreen.

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7. Use Sunblock

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UV-rays cause around 80% of skin aging on the face, so make sure to shield your skin from the sun before heading out.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, according to the FDA, are the only two ingredients that are proven to have sun-protective abilities. Train your eyes to watch out for these two key ingredients.

A study suggests that those that used sunscreen for 12 weeks had improved texture and clearer skin.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are physical sunscreens that physically shield your skin from the sun. They may leave a subtle white cast on your skin, so make sure to spread evenly.

8. Put Down That Bar of Soap

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The skin on our face is delicate, so stick to cleansers meant for the face. These could be more gentle and contain hydrating and soothing ingredients.

One of the key factors on how to look younger at 50 is keeping your skin hydrated.

9. Be Gentle

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The skin on the face is quite thin, so there's no need to apply excessive force when washing your face or applying skincare. You may end up damaging your skin and perhaps even cause wrinkles.

Studies suggest that even sleeping on your face may lead to wrinkles. When applying skincare, pat and lightly press it into your skin. Avoid rubbing and deforming your skin.

Key takeaway – be gentle, and maybe sleep on your back.

10. No Such Thing as a Healthy Tan

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By now we already know that 80% of skin aging is credited to the sun's harmful UV rays. As much as a tanned complexion may give us a youthful glow, limit your sun exposure. If you insist on a tan, make sure to get it from a bottle or the salon instead.

AHAs and vitamin C may work just as well if not better to help you achieve brighter skin and a healthy glow – but a healthy diet does this best.

11. Spend Less Time at the Bar

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A study suggests that heavy alcohol drinkers had more aged features than those that drank moderately. Alcohol may also impede the body's own defenses against pollutants and UV-rays, leaving us more prone to UV damage.

More than resorting to skincare to protect our skin from external causes of aging, we should also support and strengthen our body's own natural defenses to stand up against environmental factors.

Key takeaway – everything in moderation.

12. You Are What You Eat

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Eating antioxidant-rich and vitamin-rich foods may help prevent oxidative damage that leads to premature aging. Carotenoids are known to prevent premature aging and cell damage and are widely studied in the context of anti-aging.

Vitamin C and E work synergistically to form a skin-loving powerhouse and are rich sources of antioxidants, leaving you with a stronger skin barrier and bouncy and elastic skin.

Skincare does not offer immediate results, you may need to wait around three months until you begin noticing their effects. Patience is key, layering on product after product may not lead to better results.

Remember the key antioxidants and vitamins that may help you achieve youthful skin – carotenoids, vitamins A, C, and E.

You can get them through your diet or through skincare, just be sure to pack your plate with these nutrients. They protect your skin from oxidative damage, boost collagen production, keeping your skin young and bouncy.

Watch this video from Anthony Youn MD as he talks medical advice on how to look younger at 50:

Aging is a natural occurrence and is inevitable, but there are surefire ways that may help delay them.

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