Naturopathic Medicine with Dr Jorge Reveron ND [PODCAST]

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Naturopathic Medicine with Dr Jorge Reveron ND

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After a hiatus during our fourth year rotations Patrick and Cam are back with a fun interview. Dr Jorge Reveron is a naturopathic doctor that has dedicated a large portion of his practice to men's health. Dr Jorge shares how he got into men's specific healthcare, explains metabolic syndrome, men's mental health, testosterone and much more. Naturopathic medicine is an interesting and up and coming field that focuses on prevention and a holistic approach to patient care. We were relatively uneducated on this field so we had to call in the expert to educate us, many states are starting to recognize naturopathic medicine practitioners will prescribing abilities, while some may practice under an acupuncture license in the states where their practice is not completely recognized.

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