Periodized Training for Special Ops Service Members, Ways to Correct Imbalances Without Creating New Ones [PODCAST]

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Periodized Training for Special Ops Service Members and More

In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin answer five Pump Head questions via Zoom.

The high school football update with Justin Andrews. (3:53) Have you hit your peak neuroplasticity? (13:54) A study highlighting the complexity and weirdness of the placebo effect. (22:28) Will we see Mind Pump on OnlyFans? (27:16) Mind Pump, continuing to change the conversation around fitness. (31:08) San Francisco residents want out. (34:42) Homelessness and organized crime ravaging San Francisco. (37:25) The world’s most successful squatter. (39:26) The power of quantum computing. (41:51) Adam gets creative with the various ways he eats Magic Spoon cereal. (47:57) #Quah question #1 – Can I still make physical progress while in the third trimester or should I focus on feeling good? What program would you recommend post-baby? (55:32) #Quah question #2 – As a trainer, how do you program and periodize training for special operations service members? (1:02:44) #Quah question #3 – What program would benefit my passion for shot putting? (1:20:08) #Quah question #4 – How do I address my imbalances without creating new issues in the process? (1:27:52) #Quah question #5 – What programming should I focus on if I suffer from Crohn’s disease and colitis? (1:37:07)

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