Becoming A Pro-Feminist Male In The Militar‪y‬ [PODCAST]

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Becoming A Pro-Feminist Male In The Military

Trey Sumner, lead facilitator for the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan’s Altogether Boys program returns to the Revealing Men podcast to talk about his experience in the armed services and how he developed into a pro-feminist male while serving in the military. Sumner served for 26 years and four deployments. His military duties included Chinook door gunner and Flight Operations for MEDEVAC.

In this conversation, he and Randy Flood, psychotherapist, and Director of the Men’s Resource Center explore how the concepts of masculinity and masculine identity can include compassion and thoughtfulness while retaining courage and strength. Excerpts from the conversation are below (edited for length and clarity). You can access the entire discussion on the Revealing Men podcast.

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