Tony Horton: P90X, Building an Empire, and Staying Fit at 62 [PODCAST]

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Tony Horton: P90X, Building an Empire, and Staying Fit at 62

Tony Horton is the creator of the wildly popular and best-selling fitness series P90X and an icon of the fitness industry. He’s also a world-class motivational speaker and the author of top-selling books, “Bring It, Crush It” and most recently “The Big Picture: 11 Laws that will Change Your Life.”

In this episode, Tony gives you an insider look at how he helped build one of the most successful fitness empires in history. He also gives hilarious accounts of his experiences training rock legends like Tom Petty and Billy Idol, explains how he stays jacked and strong at 62 years old, talks about why people fail to get into shape, and a lot more! Listen as we discuss:

  • Why did Tony decide he wanted a career in fitness? [3:56]
  • How did he start training Rock n’ Roll Legend, Tom Petty? [7:06]
  • How he connected with Beach Body to launch P90X. [12:56]
  • What does he do to stay in such incredible shape at 62 years old? [17:02]
  • How has his training, nutrition and recovery changed over the years? [22:49]
  • The exciting new things Tony has going on. [29:55]
  • The truth behind why P90X was a huge success. [38:01]
  • The 3 reasons people fail to get in shape. [41:16]
  • How important is accountability and where can you find it? [43:07]
  • Does he have any daily rituals or morning routines?. [48:35]
  • Tips for new fitness pros (from one of the most successful people to ever do it). [51:36]

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