4 Simple Strategies That Can Help You Live in the Moment [PODCAST]

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Simple Strategies That Can Help You Live in the Moment

Mindfulness is about learning how to live in the present moment. That’s hard to do in today’s world, though.

So often, we miss out on things because our minds are wandering.

We don’t pay attention to someone who is talking to us because we’re thinking about all those things on our to-do list. Or we miss what’s going on in our kids’ basketball games because we’re so worried about whether we offended someone in a conversation we had yesterday. The list of distractions is endless.

When we become mindful, however, we learn to focus on what is happening right now. And when we do, we become fully present in our lives.

Not only might that help us feel better, but it may also have a great positive impact on our relationships.

It takes practice to get there though. And in today’s Friday Fix, I share four simple strategies that can help you start practicing mindfulness right now.

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