Success In The Education System & Having A Child With Autism [PODCAST]

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Success In The Education System & Having A Child With Autism

Jim Boyce is a successful Director of Education from Seattle who has worked in several countries. He has a number of awards and was invited to the White House. He has been a teacher a principal, Assistant Director and Director of several programs.

He has worked in USA and even as far as UAE at the no1 ranked university there. Jim gives us an update on his health after catching COViD and believing that his time was up. We chat about his back injury which made him suicidal because of the pain and not being able to pick things up.

He eventually took steps to recovery by carrying his child longer distances each time which lead to him becoming a marathon runner, we chat about His time in Qatar and how it became a time of healing. Jim opens up about having twins and how he copes with his son who has Autism whilst living in the Dominican Republic.

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