The Science of Sleep: What Sleep Does For Your Body, Mind, and Cognitive Functioning [PODCAST]

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The Science of Sleep

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Renowned sleep expert Dr. Meeta Singh joins the WHOOP Podcast for an in-depth discussion on the science behind sleep. Dr. Singh is a board-certified physician and psychiatrist with deep expertise in sleep, sleep disorder diagnosis, and treatment.

She has worked as a consultant for multiple NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Olympic, and college sports teams, as well as for large organizations. The Washington Nationals considered her work so vital to their championship in 2019 that they gave Meeta a World Series ring. She sits down with WHOOP VP of Performance

  • Kristen Holmes to discuss society's disregard of sleep (5:01)
  • the stages of sleep and how it progresses throughout the night (12:16)
  • sleep need (15:10), why poor sleep leads to poor decision-making (23:16)
  • understanding caffeine (27:02), sleep consistency and metabolic health (33:43)
  • why meal timing is important (39:38), sleep's role in mental health (50:06)
  • major factors that lead to poor sleep (1:02:10)
  • why sleep is the ultimate life hack (1:04:38)

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