Understanding and Calm in the Face of Divisiveness [PODCAST]

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Understanding and Calm in the Face of Divisiveness

Ken Porter is a Hakomi-trained somatic therapist. Somatic therapy focuses on integrating the mind, body, and emotion. A somatic perspective helps individuals access their emotions and understand how those emotions are kept under control. Porter provides individual therapy at the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan and co-facilitates men’s support groups there. A while ago, he put his training and expertise to the test. The question arose: Would he be able to manage his emotions and stay calm in the face of divisiveness? What he learned surprised him.

In this segment for the Revealing Men podcast, Randy Flood, co-founder and Director of the Men’s Resource Center and Porter talk about the work they do with men in groups and how inner work and reflection can help all of us through difficult times. Listen to the entire podcast and read excerpts of the conversation below (edited for clarity and space).

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